The effects of Micro-blogging

I’ve long been critical of how the rise of the micro-blogging (starting with the most micro of all, Twitter, and the slightly longer form Google + and Facebook, and the services like Tumblr, where I tend to go to make longer-than-Twitter comments on things that elicit a response from me that I read online. Last night (or early this morning, Continue Reading

Trust Quotes #9: Chris Brogan

My biggest peeve in perusing the daily, hourly, constant stream of Social Media (Twitter in particular)  is the barrage of self-promotion that most organizations think is “doing Social Media”.  If I weren’t committed to trying to lend my voice and my skills to helping the church understand and utilize Social Media* ,  I would have unfollowed a lot of “church” Continue Reading

Dumb Title: “Blogs Are Out, Social Networking Is In” #wiredchurch #smchurch

The title of this post sounds a bit clueless to me.  Blogs ARE a sizeable portion of Social Networking.  Blogs existed before just about EVERYTHING that is now thought of as “Social Networking”.  I think it would be more accurate to say that “Blogs are no longer the rage”,  or “Twitter and Facebook” are more popular than Blogs”.  Well, DUH.  Continue Reading

Blogs are still important #smchurch #wiredchurch @scobleizer #twit

Leo on are talking about how blogs are being used less and less,  but Scoble says something that to me and a whole lot of folks is pretty obvious:  Every now and then you have something you want to say that takes more than 140 characters.  For me,  that’s most things.  If I do more than just link to Continue Reading

How to Blog? #RSS #twitter #whyblog

I am seeing a rash of “advice” on how to “think up” blog posts.   No doubt this is a result of the Twitter popularity.  I hate gimmicks.  Much of the advice given about “increasing your blog output” is irritating to me.  Why?  Because the point of a blog is to speak your mind.  I see so many twitter posts that Continue Reading

Chrome NOT accommodating for WordPress Bloggers #chrome #blogthis

Several months….even over a year,  and Chrome is still not accommodating the people who blog using WordPress.  There are NO “blogthis “ type plugins for it like IE has for LiveWriter (even Firefox has one of those).  There are also numerous complaints about text formatting for blogging from Chrome to WordPress.  If I have come upon a web page I Continue Reading

Where are the Chrome Blog Plugins?

The main thing keeping me from using Chrome a LOT more is the lack of Plugins for blogging.  I am accustomed to my LiveWriter Blogit link,  or even my Scribe Fire editor that allows me to start up a blog post with the relevant text that I have highlighted on the web page already in quote format for my Blog’s Continue Reading

Hit and Miss

It seems to me that Facebook has a whole bunch of the “overlay” that keeps most social communication “surfacey”.   In other words, there’s a whole lot of “conversation piece” stuff and entertainment games (like Trivia quizzes),  but very little emphasis on the more conversations that get right to it (those things that the good blogs are made of,  which put Continue Reading

I am so far behind

I hate to admit it,  but I have seen almost the entire scene of “Social Networking” pass me by.  I was early on the Web,  early in getting up a Website on theological matters that sought to incorporate dialogue and online community,  early on blogging.  But since the advent of Facebook (MySpace also seems to have been passed up)  ,  Continue Reading

Now that it’s summer

This post will prevent another WHOLE month going by without any blog posts.  I’ve been in quite the silence.  Now that it’s summer,  and my son is done with school (and halfway through his college career!!!)  ,  and I have that long awaited netbook since March,  with which I have been playing and installing Windows 7 and reinstalling this and Continue Reading

Another Blogless Month

I’ve been trying to change my “politics” heavy tendencies in blogging,  but in doing so,  it seems I am also finding precious little I feel moved to write about.  But I don’t feel that it’s just due to some downswing in political fervor (although there is certainly that).  It’s also been a really busy time at work.  I’ve also been Continue Reading

Still here

It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted. That might be a record for me.  I’ve not even been thinking much at all about posting in that period.  I’ve all but withdrawn from the politics going on.  I voted early (last week),  and I’ve not watched The Daily Show much at all.  I just don’t want to be reminded Continue Reading