Why EcoEcclesia is also an OccupyTheology exercise

This post comes at the relationship between EcoEcclesia and OccupyTheology from opposite sides from the previous post.  In the previous post,  I reflected a bit upon why the Climate movement is like the Occupy movement,  springing from similar and related sets of causes (the oligarchy’s continuous drive to further consolidate power and economic stranglehold.   From another angle,  OccupyTheology is Continue Reading

What We Witness via Faith, Economy, Ecology, Transformation

Found this site on a Google search of Ecology, Theology.  Sounds theologically consistent with what I has formed in me regarding a theological perspective of both the Occupy Movements and now , The People’s Climate movement ,  after the big happenings in NY prior to the UN Summit,  and in my reading Naomi Klein’s excellent new book This Changes Everything: Continue Reading

Advent’s Economic Good News- Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove #occupytheology

All of a sudden, we are awake. We’ve been given eyes to see God’s economy as the alternative we need. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/emergentvillage/2011/12/advents-economic-good-news/ Reading this post from Jonathan also reminds me of Matthew’s recounting of the vision of Isaiah : “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light”  (Mt 4:16, Is.9:2)

Brooks on The Next Culture War

What country does he live in?  Although the downward spirals may not be quite as steep,  to build up our “sound economic values”  is a good way to talk ourselves into a complacent slumber,  thinking ourselves invincible.  Another apt description of what Empires think like. “Human nature, in no form of it, could ever bear prosperity,” John Adams wrote in Continue Reading

Another Blogless Month

I’ve been trying to change my “politics” heavy tendencies in blogging,  but in doing so,  it seems I am also finding precious little I feel moved to write about.  But I don’t feel that it’s just due to some downswing in political fervor (although there is certainly that).  It’s also been a really busy time at work.  I’ve also been Continue Reading

Sitting in Stunned Silence

I have found very little to blog about lately,  even though there are huge things happening.  A Presidential campaign, a couple of wars,  an economic crisis.  But I find myself muted because I am in shut down mode,  which happens when I don’t want to face the inevitable frustration that all three things will bring. I certainly don’t feel any Continue Reading

Scary Financial Times

With all the turmoil happening in our economy,  and gas being unavailable in many area stations,  I feel like I’m hunkering down. I have to wait until I know there is gas at the stations before I venture out,   since I may run out if I do an unsuccessful excursion to the station. The economy and the gas situation,  all Continue Reading

Obama’s Speech on Race Tops YouTube : NPR

Interesting.  YouTube has a helpful political role by helping to spread the loftier notions of a Barak Obama about race, Iraq, economy. · The most popular video on YouTube has no lip-synching Chinese teenagers, no babies falling over, no drunk cats: It’s Barack Obama’s speech on race. So far, the Obama speech has been clicked on 1.6 million times —though Continue Reading

Can’t Someone ELSE besides Bush help us?

Bush announced his “fix” for this economic mess.  Why aren’t we saying “uhhhhh……can we talk to someone else please,  and seek advice elsewhere?  You screwed this up ROYALLY,  and now we’re supposed to even listen to what you have to say?  How about a commission appointed by Congress (not much better,  but at least somewhat more NOT-Bush?