Trinity Institute Lectures – Wall St Dialogues: Occupy as a Leap of Faith 02.01.12 #OccupyChurch

I just had a friend forward me an email he got from an acquaintance invitinghim to join “Occupy Cafe”.  So I did.  And I ran across this link to one of the organization’s people talking at Trinity Wall St. about the moral and ethical implications of the Occupy movement.  So here it is

Social Media and Movements; Social Media and Churches

The issue of the  role of social media in movements dovetails nicely into a lot of my thinking about “online church”.  I have long said  that there are several avenues INTO Church from online spaces that can and do happen.  But the “virtual space” becomes inhabited by the “physical space” as veterans from the physical spaces and events come back in via Continue Reading

Trust Quotes #9: Chris Brogan

My biggest peeve in perusing the daily, hourly, constant stream of Social Media (Twitter in particular)  is the barrage of self-promotion that most organizations think is “doing Social Media”.  If I weren’t committed to trying to lend my voice and my skills to helping the church understand and utilize Social Media* ,  I would have unfollowed a lot of “church” Continue Reading

N.T. Wright on Social Media? @julieclawson #wiredchurch #smchurch

An article from sojo has Julie Clawson taking NT Wright to task for bad mouthing Social Media.  The following quote attempts to use a Pew Study to dispel the notion that people spend less time face to face and instead spend more time online.   Let’s just get it out of the way: The warning that Wright and others give is Continue Reading

Be the Priest #smchurch #ChurchSocial @gavoweb

From Chris Brogan (via @gavoweb),  re: building movements that inspire and instill belonging.  Yet another “DUH” moment for the church,  which simply must be “Listening” to what people are saying and expressing. Webber and Taylor didn’t launch Fast Company by making a platform that praised them. I didn’t launch PodCamp to be at its core. Instead, these kinds of movements Continue Reading

CNN does “novelty” piece on Online Church #churchonline #SMChurch

I have to wonder if there is anything lost in translation?  Or ,  HOW MUCH is being lost (I think quite a bit gets lost,  and I also think there are SOME interesting EXTENSIONS/add-ons  to be found as well.  )  But this CNN piece (2 minutes and 44 seconds is in no way a “treatment”…it is a ,  like I Continue Reading

Howard Rheingold, Part 1 #ChurchSocial

Shel Israel Author of Twitterville with an interview of Howard Rheingold,  a social media guru extraordinaire – wrote groundbreaking book The Virtual Community in 1993 Global Neighbourhoods: SM Global Report: Howard Rheingold, Part 1 This guy is a big part,  and one of the best writers/analysts on what we now call Social Media. He is a big part of getting Continue Reading

Is Blogging Passe’?

I’ve had a sense that something major is up……things seem “crowded” and , no surprise,  really commercialized.  EVERYBODY is doing their own “My Space”,  or trying to , or thinking they should.  Shel Israel,  co-author of Naked Conversations,  blogs about it.  I have no idea whether or not blogging is in decline or not. Nor so I know whether or Continue Reading

Sharing Struggles via the Blog and Beyond

 On the inward/outward blog ,  a post of mine has been posted and generated several comments today.  My post Going With the Flow, elicited an email from Kayla at COS, asking if she could use this post on inward outward, and I was happy to see my post strike a chord with Kayla,  and with some commenters.  I had, in Continue Reading

Business 2.0: With LibraryThing, a book club for the digital age – April 1, 2007

 There’s a feature on Library Thing this week in Business 2.0 LibraryThing, a social network based not on who you know but on what you’ve read. It’s already producing a nice revenue stream for Spalding from the sale of thousands of premium memberships at $10 to $25 apiece. Spalding’s creation is quietly achieving cult status among bookworms around the world, Continue Reading


Interesting.  I may have to splurge.  In the last few years, traditional collaboration—in a meeting room, a conference call, even a convention center—has been superceded by collaborations on an astronomical scale. Today, encyclopedias, jetliners, operating systems, mutual funds, and many other items are being created by teams numbering in the thousands or even millions. While some leaders fear the heaving Continue Reading

Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog » Blog Archive » Andrew Keen’s Train Wreck

 Terry Heaton of The PomoBlog has the same sort of reaction to Keen’s new release as I do: I’d never heard of this guy until Doc Searls wrote about his new book, The Cult of the Amateur: How today’s Internet is killing our culture. I’ve ordered the thing, because it’s important for me to read this stuff, even though I Continue Reading

Some would warn us of a "Cluetrain Wreck"

 When I read this from something Doc Searls pointed to ( I pointed to it here),  I rolled my eyes,  thinking : Here’s some of that elitist reaction to the idea of a participatory Web,  and charges of “amateur” and the loss of “authority” and “expertise”.  the grave consequences of today’s new participatory Web 2.0. It demonstrates definitively how the Continue Reading

Smaller Again

This by Dave Winer has me thinking back in similar fashion:  After posting about the future of UserLand, a lot of comments, all constructive. What a change. It used to be that when we opened this kind of discussion, the users were crowded out by flamers. It feels in a way like we’ve popped the stack back to 1995 or Continue Reading

The Problems with Threaded Discussions

I have a beef……over at Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank,  in this post (Scholarly Popularizers and Academic Activists) and its comments,  discussions like these,  without a way to “notify” participants who may well have an interest in the further contributions to a discussion in which they themselves have had interest,  are not given notice that something new has been added,  because Continue Reading