“Cautious Affirmation” of Augustine (toward a “Theology of Occupy) #occuppytheology cc: @james_ka_smith

I was just in a mini-stream on Twitter with @james_ka_smith ,  where I tried to re-open the topic re: the church and the Occupy movement.   I had tweeted a while back to JKA on this,  but it didn’t seem to spark much interest on his part.  He and I had done a bit of back and forth back in 2005-06 Continue Reading

A bit of #OccupyTheology applied to the #OWS message about the middle class being under assault (HT @lisasharper @Sojourners)

I asked Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners about her thoughts on the Occupy Movement,  and she said something we don’t hear much amidst all the uproar about the “middle class” being under assault.  While the economic figures about the shrinkage and stagnation of wages in the middle class make for a wider audience from which to garner movement support,  what Continue Reading

Nuns Living It – GOP not liking it #OccupyChurch #OWS #Maddow

This kind of blows their image as having Catholics on their side as well.  The nuns represent the “live it out”  segments of the church. Republicans, especially the right-wing chairman of the House Budget Committee who inspired the tour in the first place, are generally dismissive of their pleas http://maddowblog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/07/12614620-this-week-in-god This is what the GOP has been doing for 30+ years.  Continue Reading

Didactic and Heady vs Emotional/Liturgical

In my previous post, I started speaking of “relational”; I saw this as a related piece of the “catholic” emphasis; as a piece of the emotional/liturgical/ as in: This [Protestant/Enlightenment/rational] shift manifests itself in the life of the church with the Reformation, which displaced the centrality of the Eucharist (a very tactile, affective, sensual mode of worship) and put the Continue Reading

Drought in Reading Motivation

I have found it hard,  for some odd reason,  to get into reading of theological things over the past several weeks.  The last thing I read at much length was Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution.  I have a slight suspicion that maybe that has sparked in me a deep cynicism about the usefulness or relevance of reading without much serious attempt Continue Reading

Sharing Struggles via the Blog and Beyond

 On the inward/outward blog ,  a post of mine has been posted and generated several comments today.  My post Going With the Flow, elicited an email from Kayla at COS, asking if she could use this post on inward outward, and I was happy to see my post strike a chord with Kayla,  and with some commenters.  I had, in Continue Reading

Outsourcing Charity

From Dan,   once again (really a great series on Christianity and Capitalism) Christians, following the “preferential option” exercised by God, and the life-trajectory established by Jesus, must learn to share life together with the poor. In order to grasp just how much this differs from the charity that is affirmed by capitalism, we must come to recognize the ways in Continue Reading

valuable morsels from inward/outward

 The last 3 days of posts at Inward Outward have nuggets from Elizabeth O’Connor, Jean Vanier,  and John Perkins.  All of them certainly worth a look When [the church] starts to be the church, it will constantly be adventuring out into places where there are no tried and tested ways. If the church in our day has few prophetic voices Continue Reading

poserorprophet: Sharing Life Together

 More outstanding, downright confrontive (at least this is as it should be) stuff,  from Dan in his ongoing series of posts on christians and capitalism: Bonhoeffer reminds us that we must be practical when it comes to community, lest we cling too much to our “visions” of community and are thus overcome by the disillusionment that occurs when the reality Continue Reading


I’ve been listening to the unabridged audiobook of Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution,  and it is causing all sorts of resistance in me.  It’s great,  but it’s also troubling,  because I feel totally aware of how my theology is SO NOT my life.  And it isn’t Shane that communicates this.  Shane is about as un-judgmental as it gets.  It helps Continue Reading