Now that it’s summer

This post will prevent another WHOLE month going by without any blog posts.  I’ve been in quite the silence.  Now that it’s summer,  and my son is done with school (and halfway through his college career!!!)  ,  and I have that long awaited netbook since March,  with which I have been playing and installing Windows 7 and reinstalling this and that to get all the ASUS tools to work the way they are supposed to (like fn keys and power management stuff).  Now that I have done all that,  and seem to have the basic operations happening,  and can use it at Starbuck’s and/or Barnes and Noble with the wifi,  and home Kelli outside her room, March 2009here over the wireless,  and at work,  I SHOULD be all ready to be “present” online in a more substantial way,  right?  

Sooo….Do the picture inserts work in Live Writer yet?  The Wysiwyg indications are NO…..I don’t know why they broke this and can’t seem to get it right. (update:  when I openthis post inthe wordpress editor and resubmit,  the alignment works.  Com’on Live Writer! Get with it!) I’m going to leave this one in and maybe someone will see it and tell me how this might be fixed.  (update,  see my next post) The whole idea of a desktop blog editor is that I can quickly compose a post and send it up.

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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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