Trust Quotes #9: Chris Brogan

My biggest peeve in perusing the daily, hourly, constant stream of Social Media (Twitter in particular)  is the barrage of self-promotion that most organizations think is “doing Social Media”.  If I weren’t committed to trying to lend my voice and my skills to helping the church understand and utilize Social Media* ,  I would have unfollowed a lot of “church” Continue Reading

More on the Newspaper in the bottom of the cage illustration #wiredchurch #smchurch

Several minutes ago I tweeted: “Saying we’re doing social media because we use some of the tools is like saying my pet bird reads because he shits on the newspapers in the bottom of his cage. “ If you’re not using social media for conversations to get to know your audience,  what’s "social" about that?  You’re just using and being Continue Reading

Facebook is “The Borg”?

Doc Searls, one of the early bloggers and co-author of what many consider to be the Bible of social networking philosophy,  The Cluetrain Manifesto,  hasn’t been a big fan of Facebook.  I’m with him on that.  There isn’t much conversation that isn’t “water cooler” talk,  and comparing favorites lists.  Even in areas one would think would foster conversation, like “What Continue Reading

Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog » Blog Archive » Andrew Keen’s Train Wreck

 Terry Heaton of The PomoBlog has the same sort of reaction to Keen’s new release as I do: I’d never heard of this guy until Doc Searls wrote about his new book, The Cult of the Amateur: How today’s Internet is killing our culture. I’ve ordered the thing, because it’s important for me to read this stuff, even though I Continue Reading

Some would warn us of a "Cluetrain Wreck"

 When I read this from something Doc Searls pointed to ( I pointed to it here),  I rolled my eyes,  thinking : Here’s some of that elitist reaction to the idea of a participatory Web,  and charges of “amateur” and the loss of “authority” and “expertise”.  the grave consequences of today’s new participatory Web 2.0. It demonstrates definitively how the Continue Reading

Lack of Dialogue on War (and other things)

One major area which keeps me absent from churches these days:  lack of dilalogue about war,  and what to do as a a people to “stand apart” from this;  even OTHER than attending mass demonstrations.  What proclaims PEACE other than carrying signs that say PEACE or countering the nationalistic yard signs or by utting up “PEACE” or “No War” yard Continue Reading

Let’s Get Naked

As in the kind of “nakedness” talked about in a new book by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, Naked Conversations: How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers. I think I read somewhere in the intro that this book could be considered a sequel to The Cluetrain Manifesto (by different authors with the same message, with updated stories Continue Reading

The Real Work, not a distraction

This interview with David Weinberger on CIO caused me to go back and read that chapter again in The Cluetrain Manifesto the cluetrain manifesto – chapter five Conversation that understands that it isn’t a distraction from work, it IS the real work of business. This again is a key concept for Churches to understand, as well as businesses. The act Continue Reading

How to live in customer heaven or rot in customer hell

via Church of the Customer via Radiant Marketing Group via DocChurch of the Customer: Small businesses and blogging The Future of Blogging, In Their Own Words, Part II is the 3 Clutrain Bloggers, Doc, David Weinberger, and Rage Boy (Chris Locke) My favorite quote: Talking about some of his favorite “Corporate Bloggers”, Doc says: These aren’t corporate orifices shitting messages. Continue Reading

Blogging with Friends

In his “Readers and Friends” entry on Monday, David Weinberger gave several angles on how writing Blogs is akin to our efforts to Make friends and also the comfortable zone of talking with friends, where we can be feel more free to wear our passion on our sleeve. And , as I usually segway with such things, such is the Continue Reading

Bush the Clueless

Wired News: Unleashing the Web Police Consistent with his administration’s standards, Bush’s blog permits no public comment (from Waldo Jaquith) Typical and entirely predictable about the Bush administration. Thelight of day is the last thing they want.