A Slip of the Finger and Poof

I just started a blog ,  and after a couple paragraphs,  I sit some key (I’m not sure which),  and my entire post disappeared (this happened in Radio’s editor) and ,  of course,  not uploaded,  so I lost the whole freakin’ thing.  It pissed me off, and so now I’m ranting about it.  So there.  Now I move on.

Resyncing the IWAM and IUSR passwords

Borrowed from a Google User Group when I did e search in groups.google.com using: not “asp pages” A common problem when ASP pages do not display (but html pages do) is that the password of the IIS IWAM_computername user is not syncing properly.  Authentication/permissions to ASP pages is a complex area, but this particular problem is easy to remedy and, Continue Reading

Another request for ideas on

Another request for ideas on why Radio doesn’t want to upload every morning (it takes about 4 or 5 tries each “session” — IOW,  it’s not just in the morning,  but anytime I haven’t uploaded anything in x number of hours—- see this post in my section on Radio Trials. My FTP client seems to have no problem creating directories.

Radio Software Problems Mounting

Let’s see how the old publishing speed is today with radio.  1,2,3 blastoff (10:23am by my pc clock….later,  10:28….still no post up on my site…..THIS is getting REALLY OLD……..10:36,  after posting the post that will be AFTER this one,  I see that this post finally got out here…..10 -15 minutes.  Not exactly stellar.  ) Well,  another problem (which seems to Continue Reading

Radio Re-Upstreaming Over and Over several files from April

When I moved the previous post in this section from the home page to this category,  Radio uploaded all the archive files since 4/10 again before finaly posting the index.html and rss.xml file for the  – My Radio Trials –  category.  Go figure.  The files had been put there as late as yesterday, so why the “reupstreaming”? 

Radio posts not getting sent up ….until much later

Radio is up to the same tricks today.  Edit a post,  post to weblog,  no change to weblog (except that it sends the archive file into my/2003/04/19.html,  but still no new index.html for my home page.   Very cool.  This post didn’t go at all,  archive or index.html the first time I pushed “Post to Weblog” (as of 3:09pm).  (l2 minurtes Continue Reading

Too many categories for FootBridge?

Footbridge Doesn’t Seem to like my Category List. I tried it first with one Category (Cluetrain) and Home Page.   When I entered the parameters needed to send them to Movable Type,  the application (Footbridge) saved the CLuetrain settings but not the “Home Page” settings.  A Cluetrain categoryposting worked and appeared on MT,  but the Home Page entry did not appear Continue Reading

Radio Reflections

For days ,  my postings take an hour or so to finally post to my site.  Radio semes to have schizophrenic problems,  going back and re-posting archive files from 4/01 and forward,  even though those postings 2003/04/01.html through today,  have already gone out.  I turned off XML archiving,  and then turned it back on last night before hitting the sack,  Continue Reading

Radio Seems to Be Clogged Again

Finally,  archiving began last night around 1 am.  This was the third or fourth time I had turned XML archiving off  and then on again.  Right now,  I am looking at the asynchRPC in the status bar of the Radio application,  and it has shown “Writing XML version of post #1606 for the past 10-15 minutes.   My home page entry Continue Reading