Another Blogless Month

I’ve been trying to change my “politics” heavy tendencies in blogging,  but in doing so,  it seems I am also finding precious little I feel moved to write about.  But I don’t feel that it’s just due to some downswing in political fervor (although there is certainly that).  It’s also been a really busy time at work.  I’ve also been reading less,  so there is a lot less “material” on which to comment.  And I’ve been commenting in other social networks,  and exploring the places of explosive growth on the Facebooks and the Twitters and such (but I find that I hardly twitter at all.  I lean toward the longer, more conversational posts that blogs still provide that Twittering cannot).

I also have had little to “contribute” (if anything) on the matter of the economy.  If there’s one area I am quick to confess ignorance,  it’s that.  I was watching Bill Maher last night,  and he had Gore Vidal on (as well as Ron Howard),  and Vidal said he felt sorry for Obama,  having all this “dumped” on him.  That’s about where I am.  I am disgusted (oh,  here I go, feeling some juices rising)…..with the “piling on” that the right wing media pundits are doing,  and it’s been all of not quite 3 months.  But it actually began BEFORE he even took office.  Amazing.  I had an argument with my Dad during the SEC tourney in March (my Dad’s pretty conservative and heavily defensive about Bush),  and I heard from him all the echoes of those same accusations about how Obama is heading this country toward “socialism”.  Sheesh. 

Honestly,  these people act as if there shouldn’t be anything DIFFERENT done to steer us out of the “same ol same ol”  that has been followed these last 30 years that has led us here.  And that Bush,  whop “presided” over this mess as it came to this ugly monster of a head,  is somehow innocent of playing a role in all this.  EIGHT YEARS!

Well,  there’s a good blast of a post.  More to come I hope.  And darned if I didn’t go all politico again.  I guess that’s inevitable when you talk about what’s happening in the world.

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