Doc Searls wanted iPad to have video production features too @dsearls @davewiner @scobleizer #iPad #gillmorGang

Doc had said this on the episode of The Gillmor Gang this past week,  but here is a bit of posting about it. Doc called it New Sony (Hollywood centered)  instead of Old Sony (“the inventive one that owned the high-gloss/high-margin end of the entertainment gear business”)…Apple gave us the entertainment pad rather than something which It would be cool Continue Reading

Revisiting Evan Almighty

Last Saturday I posted about how I thought Evan Almighty was “fun”.  I stick to that.  I enjoyed it.  But that doesn’t mean I approved of it as a masterpiece,  or especially as a theological piece.  In that,  it had many problems of course,  as movies usually do that attempt to appeal to a “wide audience” and “derive” something “relevant” Continue Reading

Evan Almighty Was Fun

Before heading off with the family to see Evan Almighty,  I saw that the critics panned it (D+),  and the Audience thought it good (B).  I think the critics are too full of themselves.  I went , and it was fun.  The critics were complaining about how “unrealistic” it was that Evan didn’t just pull somebody aside and show them Continue Reading

Netflix Sidebar

I hope to find a way to pull a list of a “filtered” version of the “At Home” list….since often there are movies that are choices of my 9 year old daughter, kelli,  or my 18-year old son, Brian,  or my wife Janet.  Right now,  the three movies are one from each of those,  and none are ones I will Continue Reading

Picket Fences – Season 1 DVD Announced for Early 2007!

 This is something I’ve been looking for ever since the TV series DVD sets became a thing.  I’m also on the lookout for two or three other all-time favorites,  Paper Chase (CBS 1978-79 and Showtime, 1983-86)  starring John Houseman and James Stephens,   thirtysomething (ABC, 1987-1991),  and Lou Grant (1977-82) Lou Grant (CBS) 1977-82                                   Picket Fences (CBS) 1992-1996 A major character Continue Reading

The Nativity Story

 Saw this Saturday the 2nd.  Very well done.  Nothing fancy,  but I thought that after seeing “The Whale Rider” a few weeks ago,  that the actress Keisha Castle-Hughes would play a good Mary.  I was right.  Joseph (Oscar Isaac) is not bad either.  Link to The Nativity Story New Movie Trailers: Keisha Castle-Hughes: The Virgin Mary and Joseph Pictures, Birth of Continue Reading

NBC won’t run ads "disparaging to the President": What Would Studio 60 think?

  This really is pretty unbelievable: NBC won’t run ads for the Dixie Chicks documentary because, in the words of the NBC’s commercial clearance department, “they are disparaging to President Bush.” Source: Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: October 22, 2006 – October 28, 2006 Archives#010638#010638#010638#010638#010638#010638#010638 It’s also interesting that NBC’s most hyped new show is all about resisting Continue Reading