Doc Searls wanted iPad to have video production features too @dsearls @davewiner @scobleizer #iPad #gillmorGang

Doc had said this on the episode of The Gillmor Gang this past week,  but here is a bit of posting about it. Doc called it New Sony (Hollywood centered)  instead of Old Sony (“the inventive one that owned the high-gloss/high-margin end of the entertainment gear business”)…Apple gave us the entertainment pad rather than something which It would be cool Continue Reading

Revisiting Evan Almighty

Last Saturday I posted about how I thought Evan Almighty was “fun”.  I stick to that.  I enjoyed it.  But that doesn’t mean I approved of it as a masterpiece,  or especially as a theological piece.  In that,  it had many problems of course,  as movies usually do that attempt to appeal to a “wide audience” and “derive” something “relevant” Continue Reading

Evan Almighty Was Fun

Before heading off with the family to see Evan Almighty,  I saw that the critics panned it (D+),  and the Audience thought it good (B).  I think the critics are too full of themselves.  I went , and it was fun.  The critics were complaining about how “unrealistic” it was that Evan didn’t just pull somebody aside and show them Continue Reading