Trust Quotes #9: Chris Brogan

My biggest peeve in perusing the daily, hourly, constant stream of Social Media (Twitter in particular)  is the barrage of self-promotion that most organizations think is “doing Social Media”.  If I weren’t committed to trying to lend my voice and my skills to helping the church understand and utilize Social Media* ,  I would have unfollowed a lot of “church” Continue Reading

Gillmor Gang is Great Stuff @stevegillmor @scobleizer @kevinmarks @arrington #wiredchurch #smchurch

I just got through watching an archived episode of The Gillmor Gang from this past October (here),  and the discussion was about mostly Twitter data and interface (and a little Friend Feed thrown in). The guests were Loic Le Meur of Seesmic,  Laura Fitten founder of (a “Twitter app store” among other things)  and John Borthwick of BetaWorks (Tweetdeck Continue Reading

Irritating Tweets and Geopocketing @gavoweb @chrisbrogan #wiredchurch

This morning @Gavoweb tweeted a link to an article called “What You Need to Stop Tweeting About “ (ref  .  One of those items : “The Conference or Event You’re At”.  This could likely be extended,  for most folks,  to “where you’re at”,  because people who aren’t near you “couldn’t give a crap”.   Chris Brogan posted “When Twitter Gets Continue Reading

Blogs are still important #smchurch #wiredchurch @scobleizer #twit

Leo on are talking about how blogs are being used less and less,  but Scoble says something that to me and a whole lot of folks is pretty obvious:  Every now and then you have something you want to say that takes more than 140 characters.  For me,  that’s most things.  If I do more than just link to Continue Reading

The problem with Twitter and conversation #smchurch #wiredchurch @chrisbrogan

Chris Brogan tweeted this yesterday: Dear @stoweboyd : I miss you writing a blog instead of 2 or 3 sentences. Come back soon. about 23 hours ago from Seesmic Twitter / Chris Brogan: Dear @stoweboyd : I miss y … The link above is to the Twitter entry…..I re-tweeted a few minutes ago that this highlights the problem of Twitter Continue Reading

Can the Church Learn to “love the backchannel?” #backchannel #wiredchurch #smchurch @ffblog

This question looks to me to be a crucial one for the church.  Can the Church PAY ATTENTION to the range of responses and reactions they are getting from those who choose to tweet or otherwise record their reactions and perspectives?  Do the Church’s organizations charged with providing resources for leadership and education actually listen closely enough?  The experience of Continue Reading

Way to be Danah! spectacle at Web2.0 Expo @zephoria #wiredchurch #smchurch

This post and the comments that follow are exhibit one in a start at considering/analyzing the possibilities and hazards of backchannel usage during presentations.  I was scrolling down through the comments and after reading them for half an hour,  I saw that the scroll bar had scarcely moved.  I hope Dana feels the support.  I have had her studies and Continue Reading

Absent while present: Mobile “away-ness” @jesserice @amforbus #wiredchurch #smchurch

From the Q&A on UMPortal: At a recent conference, I noticed that having mobile access to social networks made a difference in how I interacted there. It’s interesting, the shift that’s happened. It really is. I was at a retreat where there were 25 of us in a cabin talking about faith and tech culture. People had their laptops open, Continue Reading

Integrating Social Networking Services between platforms and services @davewiner #wiredchurch #smchurch

These things that Dave Winer is constantly exploring,  working on,  and lobbying for are in sync with my desires as a blogger/writer.   I want a seamless,  more extensible,  wide reaching network under one roof.   Right now and for a few years,  I use WordPress to blog.   When Twitter came along,  and Facebook,  I was not enamored with the “update” posts Continue Reading

IDEO Labs » twitter #backchannel @gentry #smchurch #wiredchurch

Gentry Underwood with some amazing Twitter-enabling tool to tweet a live pres for the “backchannel” – keeps the content of the pres in the stream – this is extremely relevant for things like #YouVersion.  I can see increasing amounts of backchannel leading completely out of the context of the worship that the app is claiming to enhance.   Makes for important Continue Reading

Exploring Twitterville @shelisrael #smchurch #wiredchurch (socialmediaologists)

I have just finished reading some more of Twitterville.  I got the book almost 3 months ago,  but I am a slow reader,  and I find myself spending more and more time posting and paying attention to what is going on in the “Twittersphere” which @shelisrael calls Twitterville.  I suppose that this experience of mine is one of the better Continue Reading

#Listorious : Discover the Best Twitter Lists #wiredchurch #smchurch

Things are getting really cool with lists.  @Scobleizer pointed to this…his post that I blogged a bit ago really fired me up….. I just as well could have gotten fired up earlier when lists first came out when @davewiner was posting about it.  Guess I’m just more “flammable” today.  Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists

How to Blog? #RSS #twitter #whyblog

I am seeing a rash of “advice” on how to “think up” blog posts.   No doubt this is a result of the Twitter popularity.  I hate gimmicks.  Much of the advice given about “increasing your blog output” is irritating to me.  Why?  Because the point of a blog is to speak your mind.  I see so many twitter posts that Continue Reading

A Hundred Twitters- A Thousand @Chrisbrogan #ChurchSocial

I’ve been reading (and listening) to Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  These guys and this book have SOOOO MUCH to teach the church about its perennial status as late adopters (and even more importantly,  even LATER “understanders” of Social Media.  You’ll get a whole lot of Tweets showing up in your stream if you follow Chris (@chrisbrogan),  Continue Reading

Podcast with Chris Brogan (Scripting News) #ChurchSocial @davewiner @chrisbrogan

This was an absolutely fascinating conversation for me,  between two guys who are really into this Social Media world of apps and hosts: Dave Winer and Chris Brogan.  Dave Winer is often described as the Father of RSS.  Chris Brogan is out there talking about Trust Agents (a book that came out a couple months ago,  and to which I Continue Reading