This is the way evil works, right now

This first paragraph is a repost of a Facebook status update  from yesterday as reports came in of Congress rushing through “repeal ACA” votes under the cover of darkness. What follows is a comment I added almost immediately to elaborate on EVIL. Is there any more doubt in anyone’s mind that this Congress prefers darkness? They work their evil while Continue Reading

Episcopal church has “Eco-Justice” listing under “Ministries”

This page : under the “Ministries” tab actually shows up as a drop down from the Home page,  so they have the best “presence” yet found. This is not exactly a glowing report.  As I have been maintaining,  this seems to me to be warranting a significant, theologically challenging and reformation-inducing confrontation that strikes at the core of who Continue Reading


EVANGELISM , a theological staple, must become MUCH MORE about the “GOOD News” about the BAD News that is growing year by year: which is that Humankind, drunk on it’s “miracles” of production , driven by fossil fuels, has alternatives. And it is going to take the kind of local, national, and global collaboration that we already need to battle Continue Reading

“A Generation who Knew not Joseph” Today’s “conservatives” nothing like the old.

I had this comment to make as I got trollled in a thread on The Hill (which is the norm there,  as it is absolutely overrun with right wing trolls).  This one was in a thread under an article that was titled “Sanders courts Trump voters”,  which is a terrible title based on the quote from Sanders that prompted it, Continue Reading

David Turnbull take on #COP21 is important point in all this

The Paris climate talks present a lowest common denominator of global politics, not the aspirations of the global community. It’s the people on the streets who provide the real hope for addressing the climate crisis. – David Turnbull Source: Oil Change International responds to Paris climate agreement – Oil Change InternationalOil Change International

Facebook API and Hootsuite users

For a few months now,  Hootsuite removes links and quoted material from posts when selecting Facebook as a recipient of the post.  These things are NOT something that Facebook itself denies from the User standpoint,  but through their API,  since I can go to the Facebook site and post such a thing as a a user.  But I’m having to copy the Continue Reading

A universe animated

  I cannot help now, but think — when I see or have cause to think about a depiction in the Superman stories — of the people of Krypton’s reaction to Jor-El’s warnings about the fate of their planet. Sure, this is a modern mythology story, but the archetype here is valid: That “a way of life” has a strong Continue Reading

Cringeworthy. Yes. I know the feeling.

Yes. One listen to the New Atheist leaders and their constant barrage of pointing to literalist interpretations of the Christian scriptures, and you’ll know what is meant here. “Cringeworthy” is about the size of it. I’ve been “cringing” along with MUslim people of faith for some time now as I see Christians characterizing them in the same way New Atheists Continue Reading