The effects of Micro-blogging

I’ve long been critical of how the rise of the micro-blogging (starting with the most micro of all, Twitter, and the slightly longer form Google + and Facebook, and the services like Tumblr, where I tend to go to make longer-than-Twitter comments on things that elicit a response from me that I read online.

Last night (or early this morning, around 2am, I upgraded my WordPress install to 3.5.2, and noticed it had been months since I posted anything as a blog post. I STILL don’t like that. I saw a WordPress plugin that makes a blog post from Google + Posts. I am pondering doing that. I am also investigating Google Plus Comments, if I can get it to nicely play with Disqus and WordPress comments. I want to keep my WordPress local storage of all comments in line, and Facebook comments I will NEVER deploy if all the comments stay in Facebook. NEVER. That’s the SILO that I detest. Google has export features for ALL of my data, just like the RSS export I did before the discontinuation of Google Reader.

As I move into the ramping up of my work with (I’ve been working as the Social Media person there on a part time basis since September, and now that I’m pretty much done for now with my UMCom project that I’ve been doing full time for the past 2 months, it’s time to ramp up to full timw with Sciddy. Part of my upgrade and efforts to add some additional Social power to my comments is also relevant to my task of getting Sciddy more visibility.

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