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Leo on are talking about how blogs are being used less and less,  but Scoble says something that to me and a whole lot of folks is pretty obvious:  Every now and then you have something you want to say that takes more than 140 characters.  For me,  that’s most things.  If I do more than just link to something or say a quick “That’s cool”,  I do a blog post,  title it to fit into a Tweet (along with its appropriate hashtags),  add the usual blog tags,  and the blog posts it as a tweet that links to the blog post. 

Have we gotten so “micro” that we forego much of any elaboration?  This is really bad when we consider the Twittersphere as a content connector for the church.  Also for those of us at all interested in the sociological/theological implications of immersive techno-communications. 

I need to check if archives these shows.  I want to be able to refer back to this discussion as it took place on

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