Who I am

Someone pointed out I needed a more easily findable info page on me.  So here I go.  I’m Dale Lature.  I live in the Nashville, TN area.  I’m married to Janet,  and have two children, son Brian 26,  and daughter Kelli  17.  I’ve worked for two UMC agencies (The UM Publishing House 1997-2002 and UM Communications 2004-2009)  I am a “free agent now” after being laid off by UMCom in 2009.  (hint: “I’m “too old” to be a developer at 59 – I don’t believe that, and there is much I bring to the table re:  Church and Web and Online  Community and Social Media,  but that does not seem to  compute for the vast majority of the Denominational Communications Technology world.  It seems that “any developer will do”,  and therefore theological thinking  about technology and data and Social Media is not much of a forethought.  That’s too bad. Since September of 2014,  I have been focused on the issues of the Climate Crisis – for one,  getting the churches to realize there is one)

I got an MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1981 – and I always feel compelled to say that SBTS in 1981 was STILL a very diverse theological place,  but that did not fit into the preferences of the upcoming right wing politics that swept over the denomination after that point (of course,  it had begun to bubble in the late 70’s and centered/obsessed over the issue of “The Inerrancy of Scripture”).

I got an MA in Religious Communications at United Theological Seminary in Dayton OH in 1991.  This is where my journey in “Online Community and the Church” began.  I’ve been a theological student of “Social Media” long before it was named “Social Media”.

So there’s me.  I can be emailed at dale dot lature at gmail dot com.

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