Keeping Together Spirituality, Prophetic Critique, and Nurture via @glassdimlyfaith

Indeed: When we look for this, we find the church weak, either nur­tur­ing per­sonal spir­i­tu­al­ity with­out a prophetic cri­tique (con­ser­v­a­tive), or focused on prophetic action with­out nur­tur­ing our spir­its (lib­eral). The church is Solomon’s baby, split in two. In the words of my mentor-Church community,  The Church of the Saviour (now a “tradition unto itself,  having spawned numerous , Continue Reading

The 2025 Headquarters

View Larger Map Here is the piece of property they are selling.  It is more,  however,  thana piece of property.  It is been the “Headquarters” for the CHurch of the Saviour for 60 years.  If yolu click the right arrow on the street view a couple of times,  you see a reason why (Hilton Hotel,  and the upscale growth  of Continue Reading

Church of the Saviour and “Survival”

Kayla,  who is on staff of The Church of the Saviour, posted this comment to a post at Get Interesting discussion. I am Gordon Cosby’s “associate” for want of a better word, and I’ll continue to serve as The Church of the Saviour’s central staff person. Just to clarify, our church (which has been composed of 9 independent faith Continue Reading

Lack of Church Stories on the Web

Long ago,  I was known to post frequently on the importance of churches having blogger/historians/journalers,  who post stories and reflections on their church community’s journey along the road of becoming authentic church. (I take this name in italics from an emphasis of the past 2 or 3 years amongst the Church of the Saviour communizes,  and a booklet they have Continue Reading

Simply Enough by Campolo and Claiborne

This week I received my ordered copy of the DVD Simply Living: straight talk from Tony Campolo & Shane Claiborne on Simple, Just Living.   I enjoyed all of the specifics of their conversations,  but I was left frustrated on one score: I continue to see a lack of emphasis on the community in which this “simple, just living” takes place.  Continue Reading


I was reading a short story (one of my son’s college English assignments),  and the theme for the paper was how the story refelected the experience of exile. It ended up making me reflect on how my own theological place to which I have come seems like an exile.  It has distanced me from much of the political arrogance of Continue Reading

Is He a Member or isn’t he?

This is ,  in today’s definitions and expectations of “church membership”,  a totally meaningless debate. Church “membership” means next to nothing in today’s typical American church.  This flack over whether McCain is a “member” of North Phoenix Baptist Church is inane when one considers that there are thousands  of members there,  most of which don’t even know or care whether Continue Reading

The Universe Comes to Us Through People

 More gem-work from Gordon Cosby, who turned 90 this year,  and just as sharp and attuned as ever.  Jesus, the world’s greatest realist, believed the universe was friendly. So, even with what I know about the power of darkness and the demonic as it expresses itself through people, I am going to connect as Jesus did and let people—all people, Continue Reading

Religiously Flavored Secularism

 Michael Spencer of internetmonk replies in the comments to one commenter, with a point that suggested the problem I identify in the title of this post:  that the resistance to the idea of an intentional, structured, disciplined effort at “formation” is a secular force that many inside the church have fallen victim.  The secular tells us that “religion” is a Continue Reading

on Post-Evangelicals and the Path of Catholic Spirituality

 I don’t exactly recall when I started reading Michael Spencer’s internetmonk blog,  but he has seemed to me of late to be especially relevant to me.  Michael has very VERY similar roots as I do as far as I can tell.  And many of his blogged thoughts accurately articulate for me my frustrations with the state of those Baptist roots,  Continue Reading

Hilfiker on The Church of the Saviour

 My previous post was pointing to and reacting to a post from David Hilfiker,  who is a member of a Church of the Saviour community called Eighth Day Community (David’s sermons here). Here is a short description of some of the ministries of The Church of the Saviour,  from one of David’s articles: As a physician and writer, I’ve been working Continue Reading

Called to Be a ‘Confessing Church’ at inward/outward

 What a great post over at inward outward,  a blog offered up from The Church of the Saviour ,  and today it was Dr. David Hilfiker,   who left his medical practice in Minnesota and moved with his wife and children to the innercity of Washington DC to establish Christ House,  a ministry of the Church of the Saviour.  His post Continue Reading

The Virtue of Justice

From an excellent paper Symposium where Hauerwas responds to two accusations of being “sectarian” , and squarely confronts the issue of how justice-qua-justice differs from justice as located in the church: the fact that I have doubts about the existence of any universal theory of justice does not mean that I think the church should avoid attempts to articulate concretely how this Continue Reading

Drought in Reading Motivation

I have found it hard,  for some odd reason,  to get into reading of theological things over the past several weeks.  The last thing I read at much length was Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution.  I have a slight suspicion that maybe that has sparked in me a deep cynicism about the usefulness or relevance of reading without much serious attempt Continue Reading

Commitment on the Potomac | TIME

 From an article on Church of the Saviour and Gordon Cosby in Time magazine, 1967 I found this interesting: Although no fundamentalist, Cosby preaches a Scripture-centered faith, and his dramatic sermons are rooted in the Southern evangelistic tradition. I wonder what the writer had in mind here.  For me,  Cosby goes WAY beyond “Southern evangelistic tradition”.  Far from being content with Continue Reading