Blogs are still important #smchurch #wiredchurch @scobleizer #twit

Leo on are talking about how blogs are being used less and less,  but Scoble says something that to me and a whole lot of folks is pretty obvious:  Every now and then you have something you want to say that takes more than 140 characters.  For me,  that’s most things.  If I do more than just link to Continue Reading

Facebook API news

I have begun to ease my innate cynicism re: Facebook  (although I use it fairly often,  and keep in touch with some friends,  I have been less than enthusiastic about it’s conversational features.  It seems to be all about little tidbits, and showing off interests, photos,  and music.  I haven’t mentioned it here on my blog in quite a while,  Continue Reading

Facebook is “The Borg”?

Doc Searls, one of the early bloggers and co-author of what many consider to be the Bible of social networking philosophy,  The Cluetrain Manifesto,  hasn’t been a big fan of Facebook.  I’m with him on that.  There isn’t much conversation that isn’t “water cooler” talk,  and comparing favorites lists.  Even in areas one would think would foster conversation, like “What Continue Reading

The non-conversational results of Facebook

I’ve noticed that since hooking up my blog to Facebook ,  there is absolutely ZERO effect in the way of response.  Precisely ZERO of my posts have garnered any sort of response or comment.  What exactly is it that Facebook enables other than the sharing of photos and the comparison of quiz scores on various forms of media?  I don’t Continue Reading