Feeding Your System @chrisbrogan @jesserice and The Church Of Facebook #wiredchurch #smchurch

Chris Brogan talks about loading up his “system” with different ways of providing information and insight into how to most effectively utilize Social Media.  His “system” is geared toward that very mission.  I am most struck by this assertion: Frankly, I don’t worry about competition. I worry that there aren’t enough people executing effectively for companies Feeding Your System When Continue Reading

@ChrisBrogan : first look at the Droid Phone #droid #SMChurch

THe Trust Agent guy,  Chris Brogan,  gives us his take.  (Yes,  I am stgill insanely jealous of all these people who got one,  just as I was about iPhone users when it arrived……the battery life problems I was always hearing about last year from iPhone users I knew kept me away,  and also the fact that one moment,  one day,  Continue Reading

How to Blog? #RSS #twitter #whyblog

I am seeing a rash of “advice” on how to “think up” blog posts.   No doubt this is a result of the Twitter popularity.  I hate gimmicks.  Much of the advice given about “increasing your blog output” is irritating to me.  Why?  Because the point of a blog is to speak your mind.  I see so many twitter posts that Continue Reading

Time to Get Serious about Social Media video with #chrisbrogan #SMChurch

from RT @wiselywoven: video feat. @chrisbrogan : Time to Get Serious about Social Media [via @WebProNews] – http://bit.ly/3hyvoR Up to this point, the use of social networks has been sloppy. However, Brogan believes that now is the time to use these tools to get the message to the right people. He says: “It’s time to get over being a tourist. Continue Reading

A Hundred Twitters- A Thousand @Chrisbrogan #ChurchSocial

I’ve been reading (and listening) to Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  These guys and this book have SOOOO MUCH to teach the church about its perennial status as late adopters (and even more importantly,  even LATER “understanders” of Social Media.  You’ll get a whole lot of Tweets showing up in your stream if you follow Chris (@chrisbrogan),  Continue Reading

Podcast with Chris Brogan (Scripting News) #ChurchSocial @davewiner @chrisbrogan

This was an absolutely fascinating conversation for me,  between two guys who are really into this Social Media world of apps and hosts: Dave Winer and Chris Brogan.  Dave Winer is often described as the Father of RSS.  Chris Brogan is out there talking about Trust Agents (a book that came out a couple months ago,  and to which I Continue Reading

Spread Your Wings- Get More Retweet Action Today

Chris mentions this in his talk in Nashville (I am still watching Gavin’s video of the first hour ……boy, I wish I had remembered to go to this!  This is great stuff!   Thanks Gavin!  (My tweet of this also menti ons that I was watching this video…..so I guess I shouold say “Thanks again”) Spread Your Wings- Get More Retweet Continue Reading