“Discarded intellectual” part 2 “Theologians of Networked Community” #WiredChurch

Another “Discarded intellectual” group that is sorely needed by the church,  is the “theologian of network technology”.  It is kept from playing a significant  role largely because the church organizations have followed the market tendencies in technology to the exclusion of sound theological discernment about how to let the “Social” actually BE social.  It has much to do with theological Continue Reading

Movable Type 4 broken AGAIN!

I haven’t been able to get MT to work since I left it for WordPress 2 years ago.  I’ve been continuing to upgrade and try the installs with all my old posts that I had when I left it.  MT 4.1 started working for a few days,  but now all of a sudden when I try to publish anything…posts, templates,  Continue Reading

Movable Type Lab

I have ,  ever since porting my blog over to WordPress,  been playing with the subsequent versions of Movable Type.  Version 4.1 seems to have fixed a lot of things,  but I cannot figure out how to get my archive links fixed.  The system knows all of the correct links internally for the sidebars and permalinks and archive or index Continue Reading

Open namespaces for tags

In the comments on a post from JOHO (David Weinberger),  this caught my eye.  I have been devoting myself to figuring out, once and for all,  what the best way to “fix” my WordPress blog for tagging will be.  Not sure if your readers know that they can also scope a tag search on Technorati to just list posts from Continue Reading

Rolling Archives Only For Whole Blog

I was noticing the ajaxian rolling archive action and the scrollbar, and admiring it and planning on looking into how it works so I can re-use it, and I noticed it doesn’t work if you click on a category sidebar link and then click "older". It loses the category filter and reverts back to the whole blog rolling archive. I Continue Reading

Movable Type 4 Fails

MT 4 has failed several tests.  This is why I moved off the platform and onto WordPress in the first place. 1. SLOW SLOW SLOW when you have thousands of posts like I do.  The template republishing is the same reason why I moved from Radio Userland. 2. The Dynamic publishing is too difficult for a non-PERL person like me.  Continue Reading


del.icio.us tags: tags, facebook, mirrored blog, Tag RSS Pretty cool…..on my test/experimental Community Server blog, which is mirroring my regular WordPress blog, I added my Facebook Notes feed, which I expect will start posting my Facebook notes as posts. And then, on the Community Server blog, it keeps track of all the WordPress blog post categories as tags, as well Continue Reading

Global Neighbourhoods: Facebook. Is it my global neighbourhood?

  My core concept was that the social media sites were not the key relevance, but the way people self organized along topical rather than geographic lines was. That we and no more than 200 online friends would bop from one site to another finding each other time after time after time. Yes,  the “Social Networking” buzz is morphing before Continue Reading

Re: Live Writer beta 2 Hogging Resources

re: this: http://wp.theoblogical.org/?p=4039 Joe in the channel9 forum responded with this bit of advice,  which seems to have worked!  Thanks Joe!  If you have the CPU being pegged at near 100% by svchost.exe after launching Writer, the fix is to go into Services control panel and disable the Windows Live Setup Service. Sorry about this, we’ll try to make sure Continue Reading

NAV 2007: A Nightmare

It started two days ago.  The initial scan run by the install hung (all night Sunday night).  I turned off my PC and restarted.  I ran the install again without the pre-scan. It seemed to install everything.  But after all the updates ran from Live Update,  Norton didn’t load on the reboot after the Live Update (which took longer than Continue Reading

Importing Into Community Server

I have an installation of Community Server 2007 up on my host at cs3.Theoblogical.org.  It is a nice system.  It has a “mirror” function that enables me to have a blog there by virtue of RSS aggregation (in this case,  the aggregation is just one feed, my main RSS feed for Theoblogical.org. It shows up on my “What’s new” section Continue Reading

The Problems with Threaded Discussions

I have a beef……over at Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank,  in this post (Scholarly Popularizers and Academic Activists) and its comments,  discussions like these,  without a way to “notify” participants who may well have an interest in the further contributions to a discussion in which they themselves have had interest,  are not given notice that something new has been added,  because Continue Reading