From CNN: The Gospel according to Obama #OWS #PublicTheology #OccupyChurch

The CNN blog post destined to draw tons of comments: I just did a Google Search on that title and the number two result is frlom godlikeproductions where the author simply reacts aloud:  “Is CNN Serious?”  obviously addressing the choir of folks who consider Obama to be ,  like the author his/herself says,  an “AntiChrist”. The Christian Right is all over this,  Continue Reading

God REALLY is neither a Democrat NOR a Republican HT @BrianMerritt #OWS #OccupyChurch

I totally agree with my friend Brian here: In the end if they break ways with Christ’s teachings we are required to break with them as well and speak truth in love And saying such things just scares the bejeebies out of so many of my “secular” friends.  They just can’t seem to grasp the idea that the “theocracy” ideas Continue Reading

“Not dead yet” #ChrisHedges on #OWS #OccupyChurch

It’s true we must guard against becoming devoted to the “brand”.  “Occupy” as a brand is not the aim;  it’s not the point to see that this name survives as the main narrative title.  If the media succeed in discrediting that,  then the aims and goals still remain.  We simply need to articulate it  and present it through new actions Continue Reading

Enablers and bureaucrats of the system – Hedges at @TruthDig

Ever since #OWS began,  I have grown particularly attracted to Chris Hedges’ columns ,  often peppered with scathing observations about the professsionals who run and enable and tweak the systems that have led to the increasing inequalities and insane denials of the effects of “human progress” on all of our ecosystems.   In our present day media environment,  such scathing Continue Reading

Social Media and Movements; Social Media and Churches

The issue of the  role of social media in movements dovetails nicely into a lot of my thinking about “online church”.  I have long said  that there are several avenues INTO Church from online spaces that can and do happen.  But the “virtual space” becomes inhabited by the “physical space” as veterans from the physical spaces and events come back in via Continue Reading

How Right Wing Politics is like the 80’s SBC Takeover

My previous Tweet about how conservatives need to listen to the likes of David Brooks,  who is one of the best examples I know if a conservative who makes sense.  But conservatives today don’t like anyone who is not “against Obama”.  It reminds me of the time in the 80’s when the Southern Baptist Convention steered to the fundamentalist right.   Continue Reading

Doubled HealthCare Costs: The Captivity of the Evangelical Right

And so many voices in the conservative church are claiming that our Health Care in this country is fine the way it is.  What world do they live in?  (Yes,  I have actually been in online discussions where those joining the right wing histrionics over health care actually say this) Total health care costs in the last 20 years have Continue Reading

America’s Next Great Pundit – Win a Weekly Opinions Column –

OK, this is funny.  Dan Gillmor RT’s  @markos: on the WaPO having some sort of “So You Think You Can be a Pundit?”  contest,  with the top 10 selections being “voted on”…….gimme a break.   This seems to be an attempt to show they are not quite so “stiff” and “out of it” with re:  to the Web and Social Media Continue Reading

Jumping the gun

I saw a bumber sticker that said : “Don’t blame me , I voted for McCain”.  How utterly ridiculous,  and somewhat of a revealing of the hand,  as the clear message is that nothing Obama does will result in anything but catastrophe,  predetermined and already decided.  Real exemplary open-mindedness (why am I surprised?)   A note to those not in tune Continue Reading

Still here

It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted. That might be a record for me.  I’ve not even been thinking much at all about posting in that period.  I’ve all but withdrawn from the politics going on.  I voted early (last week),  and I’ve not watched The Daily Show much at all.  I just don’t want to be reminded Continue Reading

Border’s Books "From the Left"

I was somewhat amused that Borders considers Scott McClellan a liberal. His book appears in their list of books “From the Left” that I saw  in a Borders Rewards email,  under Politics. “Books from a Liberal Perspective” is what comes up when you click ,  under “More Politics” the choice of “From the Left” vs the “From the Right” choice,  Continue Reading

Moyers on Wright Mess

Moyers on Wright Stuff Moyers is brilliant as usual. I was disappointed on several fronts with all this stuff. I was disappointed that Wright’s comment to Moyers, about Obama “doing what politicians do” , which was not something I initially took as a negative (because I agreed with him on that)  was something at which  Obama took great offense,  feeling that Continue Reading

Last Best Hope?

This country is still the last best hope on earth—Barack Obama on Letterman in 2007. Things like this provide me with the distance I need from the mania of the impressive campaign of Barack Obama,  and the “excitement” he has injected into the American political process.  I’m impressed with his speeches,  and I find myself feeling that this is what Continue Reading