Cluetrain Manifesto

CLUETRAIN-coverWow.  Has it been that long already?  This is a book that pointed me in the right direction.  It got me blogging.  It instilled some boldness in me.  IN a sense,  that it it has been 10 years has me a bit ashamed of myself.  I would have thought I could have achieved so much more than I have.  I got too complacent with a routine,  and didn’t venture out to push for more of a pioneering pursuit of a social networking that would enhance the journey of the church. Maybe I need to reread this—or get this edition and read the reflections and new challenges.  Time can pass quickly in Human/Internet years.  WOW.From the website blurb:

The Seminal Work of the Internet Age -- Jeff Jarvis

With a giant “People of Earth!” The Cluetrain Manifesto roared into the Web’s consciousness in 1999. Appearing first as a website, quickly followed by the book, the Manifesto proclaimed an “end of business as usual.” The authors, four Internet experts, led readers through the new reality of the networked marketplace with their 95 Theses, including the first one—startling in its simplicity and truth: “Markets are conversations.”

And business listened. But ten years after Cluetrain’s original publication, too many companies are still ignoring the idea that their markets are really made up of people—and the book’s message remains more relevant than ever. Companies may be wired for business, but they still struggle with how to talk to their customers like human beings.

Cluetrain Manifesto

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