#OWS Movement: The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2012 via@FastCompany

Yes,  I’ve been harping on how the Occupy movement has ,  to put it somewhat hyperbolically,  eaten the church’s lunch regarding getting out the message of the serious case of  imbalance that’s been allowed to take place in this country. Now Fast Company has taken notice of the messaging strategy and success in terms of getting out a message. Even Continue Reading

Moving from “brand” into “Community”

You hear this all the time:  "Top-down, hierarchical, push method of communication is out, Social /interactive is in”. And that is true.  This IS the problem.  But saying that doesn’t get us there.  We have to be confronted with what it is that we ARE doing.  And when I look at what people are doing,  it is still very much Continue Reading

Trust Quotes #9: Chris Brogan

My biggest peeve in perusing the daily, hourly, constant stream of Social Media (Twitter in particular)  is the barrage of self-promotion that most organizations think is “doing Social Media”.  If I weren’t committed to trying to lend my voice and my skills to helping the church understand and utilize Social Media* ,  I would have unfollowed a lot of “church” Continue Reading