Custom Posts and WordPress Admin UI needs

I had thought I had solved the problem of all the back end coding that is STILL (after more than a year) required to use Custom Post Types. I had added a plugin called Custom Post Type UI, but apparently it doesn’t really do the back end things that would enable other apps that are supposed to play nice with Continue Reading

@Intense Debate Installed – tweaking settings

I finally , after much deActivation and Re-Activation in several different orders,  and re-installing the WordPress plugin,  I finally got all the way through the install without error.  A test last night still has problem with my Twitter login and comment continuing to be held in the Moderation queue,  when I thought I had set it up to auto approve Continue Reading

Where are the Chrome Blog Plugins?

The main thing keeping me from using Chrome a LOT more is the lack of Plugins for blogging.  I am accustomed to my LiveWriter Blogit link,  or even my Scribe Fire editor that allows me to start up a blog post with the relevant text that I have highlighted on the web page already in quote format for my Blog’s Continue Reading

New Plugin

I downloaded a plugin called AddThis that you see below this and every post here.  It drops down a list of other places to send a link to this blog,  like the various Social Bookmark sites,  and also Facebook.  I sent my previous post to Facebook,  since I had just "profile updated" myself as "fixin’ my freakin mailbox!"  I’ll have Continue Reading