The Road to Ecological Civilization: An Illustration Graphic

A little illustration I sketched out , addressing what is wrong with the “Lesser of two evils”, from an eco-perspective. (Notice also that the longer we drive straight up this road, the “sharper left” becomes the more direct route toward Ecological Civilization (this is an intended pun, in that the route toward ecological civilization will require increasingly radical shifts away Continue Reading

If we think Trump would be bad, just think….

The previous post about the “Climate CRISIS denial of the left” is closely related to why I have been so insistent in my opposition to the widespread capitulation of those on the left to the “lesser of two evils” fallacy. Hillary Clinton embodies in both her past performance and present “claims” and “plans” that she just doesn’t get it. She Continue Reading

The “Climate CRISIS denial” of the Left

There is certainly a big difference between the outright Climate Change denial of the Right, and the “Climate CRISIS denial” of the Left. The former is simply capitulation to the economic status quo (which gets taught to them by “social osmosis” via their “auto-import” of GOP politics, which is motivated by the GOP’s dependence on Fossil fuel money. The Christian Continue Reading

The brain injury we allow upon ourselves

In the movie “Concussion”, a moving and disturbing and infuriating film, Roger Goodell says during a press conference ” I’m not a doctor, but this is an evolving science”. Sound familiar? This is a talking point from the ones for whom the science is threatening their bread and butter, and by extension, for the millions who want to continue to Continue Reading

Our “Independence Day”

I am thinking that our churches need to be thinking about how to craft a message that has any shot at communicating the enormity of the ethical implications of the Climate Crisis. I am thinking about , on this July 4, about the speech made by the fictional President (played by Bill Pullman) in the film “independence Day”, and his Continue Reading