The EPA does actually mark an acknowledgment of needed collaborative effort

I am incensed about the EPA appointment, NOT because the EPA, which has existed since December 2, 1970, has successfully PROTECTED us from wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. It obviously has not. It has been all too complicit and detached from the science that brought about it’s establishment in the first place, and has only grown increasingly dire in its Continue Reading

No time to lose, now that Pruitt’s denial regime is at the head of the EPA

I feel that we in the People’s Climate movement, and those in the interfaith community should not be waiting for the Climate March on April 29 to act on our outrage that Pruitt has been confirmed; much less the corrupt , un-accountable, rushed nature of such a vote, pushed by that ultimate of “Patron Compromiser” , idiot “leaders”, Mitch McConnell. Continue Reading

The nationality of a Kingdom apart

Seeing a confederate flag in a picture, and reading of how “it’s not racist, but a symbol of ‘States Rights’”, I wonder what the symbol for “ecological destruction” rebranded as “Free market rights” would be. Capitalism? What’s the “flag”? Some might argue the stars and stripes itself. Then we’d be into the heart of the matter, I suppose. Where do Continue Reading

Right Wing Climate Denial Chokes on Clouded Cognitive Processors (Science, Economics and some simple Math Needed)

One of my far-right Facebook friends shared this article with his comments, which will be unnamed, so embarrassed I am for them and this kind of thinking: “Anybody got room for about 20 million of these? Talk about a blight on the landscape. And not sure how much one of these costs but if it will power one house Continue Reading