No hyperbole. Really.

To the many “Facebook friends” and Theoblogical/EcoEcclesia  Blog readers who see my frequent and often postings on our Ecological Crisis, and my insistence that we are in dire need of a Reformation that is as significant (even MORE, actually) and far-reaching and culture-shaping as that of the Protestant Reformation, and you want to tell me I’m being a bit over-dramatic Continue Reading

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Hillary Dem nomination not good news for the planet

Hillary made it abundantly clear that she has next to no identification with the massive independent movement that the Sanders campaign brought into the DNC. Her responses to the Sanders campaign were horrendous, condescending, and revealing of how dangerously establishment she is. She has revealed how neocon international ideology has been adopted into the playbook of “liberal”. It obliterates the Continue Reading

It’s more important that we deal seriously with Climate than what gender our President is

Of much larger “historic” significance than a Presidential gender is the apparent decision to — despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that is growing more and more foreboding every day — just simply continue on as if nothing will ever happen to us, and that the ecological system will just have to agree with us and give us permission. Foolish, foolish Continue Reading

The “lesser of two evils”, Hillary/Trump and the Climate Crisis

I’ve often entertained and contemplated the questions surrounding what happens if we don’t “rally around Hillary”. Hillary and her supporters have claimed that it is like voting for Trump. Many Sanders supporters are supporters precisely because they are (myself included) are saying “Enough is enough”. And when faced with the possibility that a big drop in Democratic support might well Continue Reading

twitter hashtag #UMCGC stream link filtered for Toxic Trolling

I’ve had it with the right-wing political culture dittoheads tweeting/trolling at #UMCGC It started with a deluge of tweets from Mark Tooley of IRD,  and ballooned with scores of people RT-ing those tweets.  So I devised a filtered #UMCGC hashtag stream that omits all posts and RTs of either @theIRD or @MarkDTooley.  That took care of hundreds of right wing Continue Reading

As the UMC’s GC2016 approaches, where is Climate Crisis on the list of “issues”?

I posted the following as a comment on this post on’s UMNS News section, on this post:   Since they monitor the comments,  and it is Sunday,  it probably won’t appear there until tomorrow,  I wanted to circulate my comments,  so I made it into a blog post , posted the notice of the blog post to my Continue Reading

Being more descriptive about “the love of God in Christ”

Okay, here’s an example, from the site’s “What We Believe” section. I pick on the UMC because this is what I identify as “My people” (since I could no longer say that about the Southern Baptists after a great “growing up” in that denomination prior to it’s dismantling as a diverse, loving, nurturing “home” as it turned to doctrinaire, Continue Reading

Hillary refuses to talk transcripts AGAIN, after repeated requests to answer the question

Hillary flatly refused to answer the question about the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, after REPEATED insistent repeating of the question (by Dana Bash. See here ). What exactly is this? Is this acceptable? It’s quite concerning if you want to place candidate transparency at any level of importance. JUST ANSWER the question, Hillary. This should be a HUGE, AWFUL demerit Continue Reading