twitter hashtag #UMCGC stream link filtered for Toxic Trolling

I’ve had it with the right-wing political culture dittoheads tweeting/trolling at #UMCGC It started with a deluge of tweets from Mark Tooley of IRD,  and ballooned with scores of people RT-ing those tweets.  So I devised a filtered #UMCGC hashtag stream that omits all posts and RTs of either @theIRD or @MarkDTooley.  That took care of hundreds of right wing Continue Reading

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As the UMC’s GC2016 approaches, where is Climate Crisis on the list of “issues”?

I posted the following as a comment on this post on’s UMNS News section, on this post:   Since they monitor the comments,  and it is Sunday,  it probably won’t appear there until tomorrow,  I wanted to circulate my comments,  so I made it into a blog post , posted the notice of the blog post to my Continue Reading

Being more descriptive about “the love of God in Christ”

Okay, here’s an example, from the site’s “What We Believe” section. I pick on the UMC because this is what I identify as “My people” (since I could no longer say that about the Southern Baptists after a great “growing up” in that denomination prior to it’s dismantling as a diverse, loving, nurturing “home” as it turned to doctrinaire, Continue Reading

Hillary refuses to talk transcripts AGAIN, after repeated requests to answer the question

Hillary flatly refused to answer the question about the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, after REPEATED insistent repeating of the question (by Dana Bash. See here ). What exactly is this? Is this acceptable? It’s quite concerning if you want to place candidate transparency at any level of importance. JUST ANSWER the question, Hillary. This should be a HUGE, AWFUL demerit Continue Reading

The Cultural Captivity of the Churches (re: Lack of Awreness of Climate Crisis)

I remember a title “The Cultural Captivity of the Churches”. This is so true regarding the Climate Crisis. That practically NO CHURCHES in the world are making this a message of crisis proportions and re-thinking their theology in light of this massive cultural captivity (the denial of the extent of the Crisis, or that there even IS a CRISIS). The Continue Reading

To my “Progressive” friends in the political and theological worlds

I would like to see many, many more of my Progressive friends take a cue from the Climate Denial of the Political and Religious Right, by not stopping short by just listing that denial as one of many things that can be criticized and ridiculed about them, and start doing the opposite of denial, by really accepting the reality of Continue Reading

We need to lend hands and feet to the crisis

I just posted this comment under a post* on the United Methodist News Service Facebook page describing actions taken in flood relief in Louisiana : I think we need “hands and feet” on the causes of this acceleration of occurrence of these type disasters, and occurrences that are also accelerating in their intensity. These are yet more warning signs of Continue Reading