Eco-Reformation, our required penance for our blasphemy

Reformation, Eco-centric theological revolution, is a requirement for the Church now, after centuries of ignorance and then willful denial, of humankind’s overreach and excess. The denial is nothing less than the ultimate sin: the destruction of the habitat and ecosystem required for, first, the very emergence of the human species in the first place, and then the sustainability of that Continue Reading

“Turbo-charging” Reformation

“It is time for a prophetic turbo-charging of our religious traditions. Foremost is the need to expand beyond the self-focus of individual salvation or enlightenment to also include vital community concerns—notably, survival. The community now, of course, is the entire human family and the more-than-human Earth community. 2” — Michael Dowd, with a footnote nod to Thomas Berry Link to Continue Reading

False equivalence of the False Kind

My friend Larry shared on Facebook to an article ,  on which I posted this comment: Although it is certainly true that Trump is a uniquely crazy and even dangerous candidate, to diss the criticisms of Cliinton as suffering from “false equivalence” is itself a form of false equivalence. It is almost an underhanded way of ignoring the candidate’s real flaws Continue Reading

Eco-Reformation means catipulting the Climate Crisis into theological prominence

As the 500th year of the Reformation approaches (8 days away now),  I have a few thoughts on the long journey ahead toward bringing the Climate Crisis to the top of the theological priorities of the Church for the crucial years ahead of us.  This will determine whether or not the Church awakens to the catastrophic dangers we face as Continue Reading

Ten more days until the beginning of the 500th year of the Reformation

On Nov. 1, 2016,  the year that culminates in the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation will begin.  So ,  that 500th year will bring many reflections and explorations and research from me at EcoEcclesia on the Eco-Reformation we need to expand, explore, and set as a vital mission of the Church for the years ahead.  It’s “vital” to any Continue Reading

Just 10 days until “A Sacred Calling to Care for the Earth”

Here’s the latest docs on the conference: Saturday, October 1, 8:30-4:00  at Franklin First United Methodist Church, 120 Aldersgate Way, Franklin, TN 37069 (near the intersection of Franklin Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway, entrance is off of Mack Hatcher about ¼ mile west of Franklin Rd.)  Sponsored by:  Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light (Nashville Chapter); Cumberland Harpeth Audubon Society; and Continue Reading

super theological-techological nerdy places

I’m in one of those super theological-techological nerdy places today (one of those “places” of the mind/spirit) where I have, as a result, a deep sense of exile from the church AND techno-nerdism, since the two “places” rarely ever meet in either of the “other’s” domain. This really started in full form when I began working in denominational Web departments Continue Reading