Chrome NOT accommodating for WordPress Bloggers #chrome #blogthis

Several months….even over a year,  and Chrome is still not accommodating the people who blog using WordPress.  There are NO “blogthis “ type plugins for it like IE has for LiveWriter (even Firefox has one of those).  There are also numerous complaints about text formatting for blogging from Chrome to WordPress.  If I have come upon a web page I want to make a blog post about,  I have to copy the URL into IE or Firefox and then use the Blog this button.  Early on I reasoned that being patient would soon pay off and Chrome would discover the problem when enough people complained.  Not so.  Frustrating.  I like a lot about Chrome.  Why can’t they fix this?

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  1. @thesdcowgirl

    I do not know- my wordpress site was working just fine in Chrome until I upgraded to the new version a couple weeks go. Now it isn't viewable correctly in chrome, and has crashed not only my bf's computer but his dad's as well, whenever they try to view my site in chrome. i love chrome, but i can't use it if it's going to do that.

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