Movable Type 4 broken AGAIN!

I haven’t been able to get MT to work since I left it for WordPress 2 years ago.  I’ve been continuing to upgrade and try the installs with all my old posts that I had when I left it.  MT 4.1 started working for a few days,  but now all of a sudden when I try to publish anything…posts, templates,  Continue Reading

Movable Type Lab

I have ,  ever since porting my blog over to WordPress,  been playing with the subsequent versions of Movable Type.  Version 4.1 seems to have fixed a lot of things,  but I cannot figure out how to get my archive links fixed.  The system knows all of the correct links internally for the sidebars and permalinks and archive or index Continue Reading

Movable Type 4 Fails

MT 4 has failed several tests.  This is why I moved off the platform and onto WordPress in the first place. 1. SLOW SLOW SLOW when you have thousands of posts like I do.  The template republishing is the same reason why I moved from Radio Userland. 2. The Dynamic publishing is too difficult for a non-PERL person like me.  Continue Reading

The Problems with Threaded Discussions

I have a beef……over at Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank,  in this post (Scholarly Popularizers and Academic Activists) and its comments,  discussions like these,  without a way to “notify” participants who may well have an interest in the further contributions to a discussion in which they themselves have had interest,  are not given notice that something new has been added,  because Continue Reading

The Old and the New

I wish there was a way to link from , say,  my original post on my still reachable Movable Type blog (which is now archive of my present blog on WordPress, into which I have  imported all the prior MT posts …..but  to people who arrive at a particular blog post via the original Movable Type link,  I wish there Continue Reading

Comment Woes

The Type Key authentication for comments here at my blog seems to be having difficulty. I received a couple of emails from people saying they were unable to comment , even after creating a TypeKey account. I cannot even comment myself after clearing my cookies. Something has blown up, it seems , on either my blog’s installation , or at Continue Reading

Hat Tip and Thank You to Unnoticed Commenters

I found that I had a couple of comments that I had not seen….they were stuck in the moderation que, and I had not seen the notification email to alert me that they were there. This one on this post last week was encouraging. They had problems with TypeKey, so they emailed me. This one had made some comments and Continue Reading

MT takes 90 seconds to save a new post

This has been getting steadily worse. I’m not sure what the cause is. There is a “Dynamic Publishing” feature that seems to be related to this, but MT’s online documentati on is rather unclear. Any good tutorials out there, or experience among those of you with MT experience? 12:22pm I turned on the setting that says :” Selecting the publishing Continue Reading

Images in my Special Category

This is wierd. I created an ifCategory MT tag statement that creates an image tage that is left aligned whenever the category is Authentic Church. IE will not show my image of the Authentic Church cover like Firefox and Netscape will. It is the image to the left of the post in all my “Authentic Church posts, which also have Continue Reading

Showing Most Recent Posts in an MT Category

I would like to show, on my sidebar, the most recent posts in my Authentic Church category, which I have set up as a sub-category under Church of the Saviour Perhaps also even show the first couple of lines from the post aside from the title. I would also like to customize the Archives Template so that when one of Continue Reading