Help me with Custom Post Types, WordPress! Please!

I realize that any given plugin are not “RESPONSIBLE” for problems that derive from what is really WordPress core.  I posted here and in CPT UI only because I knew a key person in the CPT UI team, and they put me in touch with one of the other key people there.  That’s a great plugin, BTW.  Been using it Continue Reading

From CNN: The Gospel according to Obama #OWS #PublicTheology #OccupyChurch

The CNN blog post destined to draw tons of comments: I just did a Google Search on that title and the number two result is frlom godlikeproductions where the author simply reacts aloud:  “Is CNN Serious?”  obviously addressing the choir of folks who consider Obama to be ,  like the author his/herself says,  an “AntiChrist”. The Christian Right is all over this,  Continue Reading

Researching WordPress Custom Post Types and RSS feed/Calendar issues #WPcustomPostTypes

As I have begun doing posts of type “occupytheology”,  I see that the RSS feed does not include them.  I was hoping for an option somewhere,  but it seems WP still hasn’t done much to make the Custom Post Types “administer-able” without Plugins.  I found a Calendar widget for Custom Post Types,  but the links to the Date Archive don’t Continue Reading

Blog Conversion to Thesis @wpthesis @IntenseDebate

I finally got ALMOST what I wanted with my Blog transformation into the Thesis theme.  I was able to duplicate my Pages/SubPages display preferences by using Widget Logic,  which gave me a way to display any widget based on conditional statements. What I want to find now (or learn to understand) is to display or not display entire sidebars (because Continue Reading

Looking for Custom Sidebars for WordPress “Pages” @wp @thesis

I installed the WordPress “Thesis” theme this weekend.   I was hoping for some easily customizable sidebars for use with PAGES.  Here’s why.   I have (in my now inactive K2 theme)  some custom sidebar.php files for three types of pages. The “Pages” I created have to do with “Church of the Saviour” ,  which was represented on my homepage by a Continue Reading

@Intense Debate Installed – tweaking settings

I finally , after much deActivation and Re-Activation in several different orders,  and re-installing the WordPress plugin,  I finally got all the way through the install without error.  A test last night still has problem with my Twitter login and comment continuing to be held in the Moderation queue,  when I thought I had set it up to auto approve Continue Reading

Thesis Theme Newbie Now #wpthesis #wp

I have just installed the Thesis theme.  I paid some money for it,  having seen some demos and heard many people praise it.   I am now looking at how I can set up my “Pages” like “Church of the Saviour”,  which has its own subpages and some of those have several subpages under them.   I have discovered the Pages sidebar Continue Reading

Messing with my Comment system (IntenseDebate) #intensedebate #wordpress #wp

I’m trying to get Intense Debate installed as my WordPress comment system.  It seems to be everything I want and more in really getting my comments integrated with Twitter, Facebook,  FriendFeed and the whole world of Social Media.  But,  alas,  it didn’t go smoothly.  I have some WordPress errors Fatalerror:Cannot redeclare class services_json in \mywebhost\wp222\wp-includes\class-json.php on line 115 Fatal error: Continue Reading

2.9 Upgrade complete #wordpress

I had been looking at the PHP client setting as my mySQL version,  but discovered that the server version was still 4.0.x,  which was not late enough for WordPress 2.9.  Since I was out of db quota for databases (I have 4 mySQL and 4 MSSQLServer),  my host migrated/copied by WordPress database to a new server and restored it all Continue Reading