I am so far behind

I hate to admit it,  but I have seen almost the entire scene of “Social Networking” pass me by.  I was early on the Web,  early in getting up a Website on theological matters that sought to incorporate dialogue and online community,  early on blogging.  But since the advent of Facebook (MySpace also seems to have been passed up)  ,  and Google Friend connect,  and Twitter,  and all that,  I feel like the old guy that I am still denying that I could possibly be.  (Actually,  that last phrase shows that I am NOT in denial about getting old,  just still fighting it). 

Just had my 53rd birthday,  and so these things that make me feel OLD tend to bug me more than usual.  I have begun trying to get back in (ie  adding a twitter tool to my blog so that posts I make will “notify” my Twitter account and do a twitter like this “New Blog post : link”.

Now I just discovered ,  in the middle of writing this post,  that a friend commented on a twitter from a week ago.  I’m wondering why I didn’t see a notification.  Have to go dig up where such notifications are being sent. (Looks like my Gmail account is specified,  but I did not get an email about the aforementioned comment on my twitter post….hmmm…..now I ‘m feeling dumb again)

I am still a bit miffed/frustrated with Facebook.  It seems that the home page settings are not so easily set up (ie what kinds of things appear there….I would like to give my blog posts more of a role there,  since I am still much more of a blogger-type than a Twitter-type.  I prefer at least a paragraph over the quick hits that too often leave one “now what the heck did that mean?”)

As a developer,  I am much more excited about all the new things to learn about API’s and such (ie YouTube uploading through a host site so that the videos go straight to YouTube and the metadata gets captured locally and then merged with a token on the You Tube side.  Same thing with Flickr,  and also Blogger (although I am hoping for a more Open API that allows aggregation of lots of data from other blogging systems such as WordPress, Movable Type, Community Server,  etc.

More later

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