Time Change Got Me

I forgot about the time change (I thought about it briefly late last night, and was going to check to see if it was this weekend, then I forgot). When I checked email this morning, I saw the notice that my clock had been changed for Daylight Savings Time. I thought it was 8:30 am, when It was really 9:30.

Back to Nashville

We spent last night in Cincinnati with Janet’s folks , and are up and about ready to hit the road again this morning back to Nashville. I was happy to include amongst my “vacation happenings” some more reading and jostling about with RO, Eric, and Charlie. I am happy whenever someone “stops by” more than once to comment, and feel Continue Reading

Comments Back Off again

My MT install is giving the server fits….the spammers are hitting hard (one hit with about 300 comments while ago and lcoked up the ISP’s server. Since I haven’t been able to get MT-Blacklist working on MT3, they’ve returned with avengence. Boy those people are scumbags) So, until I find a better solution for comments (like figuring out how to Continue Reading

RSS rumblings at Microsoft

With my own organization looking hard at RSS-ifying our offerings, I’ve started collecting various “implications” articles….this one sent to me just a few minutes ago by a fellow developer: Microsoft flip-flop may signal blog clog | CNET News.com “In the blogosphere, there is hardly anything more irritating (than) an abbreviated RSS feed,” blogger Steve Main wrote on his blog. “The Continue Reading