MLK Day from the site of the church

 A really good, inspiring post from Anthony on MLK Day So the primary site of my reflection on King is ecclesial…from the site of the church.  The church in its liturgy, sacraments, and in its various practices of what I call neighbor-love.  The Dream, as I have come to understand it, is an eschatological hope but a liturgical practice whereby the Continue Reading

Considering a small trek to KC

  Is the Reformation Over? This event in KC is tempting.  I’d love to get over there.  I’m mulling it over.   If I can land a reasonable place to stay,  I may take the plunge.   I just got Hauerwas’ Brazos Press Press Commentary on Matthew yesterday.   It would be fun to finally meet face to face with my friend Eric,  Continue Reading


It’s here.  It’s the year of my son’s graduation from high school (still can’t quite grasp that one).  It’s the year when my wife and I will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our first (blind) date (almost as hard to grasp: 25 years!!??) 

Adding to the Balcony People

My previous post I showed what I had put in my page of “Influential people and groups”, which I did back in 1994. The Wittenburg Door interview with Stanley Hauerwas had me strolling memory lane about the magazine, and I noticed that the set of links would be updated today to include Stanley Hauerwas. The Church of the Saviour is Continue Reading

23 years

23 years ago in 1983,  today, June 11,  I was married to Janet in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We’ll delay that celebration a bit as she is up in Cincinnati right now,  helping our her Mom who is having some kind of dental surgery tomorrow.  So I’ll wait a bit to say more about this.

Unbelievable How Time Passes

In another day,  I will be 50.  I can’t believe it, actually.  I don’t feel like it is possible.  I still feel,  in many ways,  like somebody who is wondering “what am I  going to do when I grow up?”.  I still feel like a college kid.  I have a wife and two kids,  and wondering how we’re going to Continue Reading

A Friend and Former Prof Is Moving to Nashville!

My advisor during my days at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH 1990-91, Ken has been a good friend since, keeping in touch with me (and I with him) over those past 15 years, and he’s always been one to whom I spilled some of my hopes for the future. It’s probably he that is most responsible for getting me Continue Reading

Janet’s New Job

Janet just got a new EA (Educational Assistant) job at our daughter’s school, so they’ll be going to work/school and home again together everyday, as well as bring home some extra needed income. Wee-ha! We’re going to Steak-and -Shake to celebrate (kind of a fancy fast food…and great shakes!)

From The Mouths of Babes

My first grade daughter had an English assignment. Read the “telling” sentence and turn it into an “asking” sentence. Telling sentence: The President Lives in the White House. Kelli’s asking sentence: Where does the president live? The President makes important decisions. Kelli: Who makes important decisions? George Bush is our president. Kelli: WHY is George Bush our president? Classic.

A Blog to watch

I am in the Web Business, the Church-related Web business because of my time at United Theological Seminary in 1990-91, in Dayton , OH. I went there because of Dennis Benson, who had been a Youth Ministry Guru for me, mostly becuase I often found media studies type materials for youth in his works, and I contacted Dennis a couple Continue Reading

MIke Yaconelli

From The Tragic Loss of Mike Yaconelli El Cajon, CA, October 30, 2003 – Mike Yaconelli, owner and co-founder of Youth Specialties, was involved in a fatal car accident late Wednesday night, October 29, outside his hometown of Yreka, in northern California. He passed away early Thursday morning, October 30.