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This was an absolutely fascinating conversation for me,  between two guys who are really into this Social Media world of apps and hosts: Dave Winer and Chris Brogan.  Dave Winer is often described as the Father of RSS.  Chris Brogan is out there talking about Trust Agents (a book that came out a couple months ago,  and to which I am listening on Audio Book .  

I did a quick 1/2 hour podcast with Chris Brogan this afternoon about "100 Twitters" — a topic we have both recently posted on. Permalink to this paragraph

Podcast with Chris Brogan (Scripting News)

I put a few notes/reactions in Notepad.  Here they are:

  1. concept of rooms (I would like this…..I can think of a lot of church related organizations hosting discussions that could REALLY use this and encourage this…..there is SO MUCH really nasty posting and commenting going on as those adhering to the political right are trolling those on the left (or even center)
  2. twitter and tying us too much to twitter.com (Chris later says Twitter needs to “give it back to the users”)
  3. Google maps is on tons of sites,  but google.com…….and all the Google Data API,  and the upcoming Google Wave (and perhaps a Twitter-like engine??)
  4. A related thought that I started on as I listen to Chris and Dave:  blog posts and twitter:  twitter is a way to invite others to explore our more elaborate ideas….and what "idea" that’s worth much is "covered" by 140 characters?  Nothing.  Twitter is a way to say "I have this to say about X"…..are you interested…..seems it opens up possibilities for more conversation….but then,  as Dave says,  there needs to be rooms to gather
  5. the church is like this:  evangelism is inviting, announcing that there is good news,  that there are people who care about X……and the conversations amongst those who feel called to explore this and join the Kingdom as represented by community A,  can come and get detailed and interact…..
  6. The back of the Big screen HDTV…all those connections and inputs…..the front is what we show to people …the back ,  some people like,  like Scoble (he likes the front too, and I think Dave and Chris would not disagree)
  7. "twitter needs to give it back to us now"   says Brogan….
  8. Me:  i don’t know about laconica….what is that?  Dave talks about them.  I’ll have to investigate

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