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I just got through watching an archived episode of The Gillmor Gang from this past October (here),  and the discussion was about mostly Twitter data and interface (and a little Friend Feed thrown in). The guests were Loic Le Meur of Seesmic,  Laura Fitten founder of (a “Twitter app store” among other things)  and John Borthwick of BetaWorks (Tweetdeck is one of their products). 

This show has consistently been extremely interesting to me.  These guys (Gillmor, Marks, Scoble, Arrington,  and their guests) are articulate, technically insightful,  and very user-aware in terms of feature usage.  They also are very insightful about what is happening in the industry,  and what companies are good at,  and what they’re not so good at.  I anticipate viewing quite a few more of the archived shows they aired before I started watching in November. 

I wish the church communicators were having these kinds of conversations,  and talking about the kind of conversations we want to enable,  and who’s doing helpful stuff in terms of apps that would help us achieve the kinds of conversations we need to be having. 

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