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This morning @Gavoweb tweeted a link to an article called “What You Need to Stop Tweeting About “ (ref  .  One of those items : “The Conference or Event You’re At”.  This could likely be extended,  for most folks,  to “where you’re at”,  because people who aren’t near you “couldn’t give a crap”.   Chris Brogan posted “When Twitter Gets Cool Again” (link below the quote)


This got me thinking: if I could “pocket” my data, restrict certain tweets to certain geographies on the OUTBOUND side of Twitter, then that’d be neat. I mean, most smartphone apps of Twitter have my location. What if they could say to the API, “Only send this to people within 25 miles of this location?”

Then, at CES, I could opt for “geopocketed” tweets, so that you don’t get bored to death about hearing where I am, who I’m meeting up with, etc, but then I can tweet to the “unlocal” people the “news” that I find. See where I’m going?

Geopocketing- When Twitter Gets Cool Again

This could also be a new feature for foursquare,  since we are already getting inundated with posts about where someone is in California or France,  and how they just “unlocked the badge” or “just became mayor”.  Such are the things with which we are seemingly stuck until features like Chris suggests are implemented. 

The “What You Need to Stop Tweeting About “ post is largely a product of a lack of location specific stuff  (but there’s still a problem—what if the target users are out of town,  but they are interested in what you’re doing “back home”—- the locales need to be tied to “home” rather than locale at any given moment.  Or these tweets are sent only to friends we follow, so that the whole follower list doesn’t get them.

The reality right now is,  twitter is a social circle,  and there will be chatter that we just need to ignore,  like we do everyday,  even if we are outwardly giving the socially acceptable “courteous” responses.   Quit expecting others to consider everyone in the world when they twitter.  Else,  I’m afraid we’d throw out significant pieces of the “baby” with the “bathwater”.  Much of Twitter’s allure is hearing select pieces of “first reactions”,  which are usually honest,  and often funny.   Other times,  NOT.  But hey,  such is Twitter.  It’s a microcosm of the world in general. 

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