the theologically savvy army of database geeks that are thus far UNTAPPED by Church Comm orgs

I’m doing a lot more book reading lately,  and I post things that occur to me as I read.  Amazon could REALLY do with some big-time enhancements and apps to help communities of book readers form and converse.  One can go and find comments under nearly all of their books,  but there is nothing to enable deeper connection with people Continue Reading

The problem with Twitter and conversation #smchurch #wiredchurch @chrisbrogan

Chris Brogan tweeted this yesterday: Dear @stoweboyd : I miss you writing a blog instead of 2 or 3 sentences. Come back soon. about 23 hours ago from Seesmic Twitter / Chris Brogan: Dear @stoweboyd : I miss y … The link above is to the Twitter entry…..I re-tweeted a few minutes ago that this highlights the problem of Twitter Continue Reading

The non-conversational results of Facebook

I’ve noticed that since hooking up my blog to Facebook ,  there is absolutely ZERO effect in the way of response.  Precisely ZERO of my posts have garnered any sort of response or comment.  What exactly is it that Facebook enables other than the sharing of photos and the comparison of quiz scores on various forms of media?  I don’t Continue Reading

O’Reilly Clueless About Blogs

Bill  O’Reilly continues to deride DailyKOS about COMMENTS on that blog.  COMMENTS,  of which there are more than 100 on nearly every post, at least 3 or 4 times a day.  The deception of this guy just sickens me (not so much that he is so sick,  but because he leads so many people astray with his “balance”.  He epitomizes Continue Reading