Integrating Social Networking Services between platforms and services @davewiner #wiredchurch #smchurch

These things that Dave Winer is constantly exploring,  working on,  and lobbying for are in sync with my desires as a blogger/writer.   I want a seamless,  more extensible,  wide reaching network under one roof.  

Right now and for a few years,  I use WordPress to blog.   When Twitter came along,  and Facebook,  I was not enamored with the “update” posts ;  the “what are you doing” quickies.  It seemed to renew the flow of useless “what I had for breakfast”  (or ,  to be more contemporary,  what I AM HAVING for breakfast).  Then I realized that people were using Twitter to point to and in some cases spill over into their blogs.  So I found a few WordPress plugins that hooked up my blog and my twitter account.   I had previously hooked up my blog to Facebook by using RSS from my blog to be pulled into my NOTES (or is it my WALL?  I forget).

What I would love to have is a way to link “in reply to” on twitter with comments on a blog that someone is replying to on twitter,  if it is linked to a blog post.  There was a WP plugin I tried that claimed to do that,  but it didn’t seem to work.   But this would be a step in the direction of tighter integration of my triad world of WordPress,  Twitter,  and Facebook.  (For that matter,  I guess comments left on facebook to a blog post that has come in via RSS would also be nice to have end up as comments in WordPress. 

Posterous and Tumblr are next. (Scripting News)

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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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