Can the Church Learn to “love the backchannel?” #backchannel #wiredchurch #smchurch @ffblog

This question looks to me to be a crucial one for the church.  Can the Church PAY ATTENTION to the range of responses and reactions they are getting from those who choose to tweet or otherwise record their reactions and perspectives?  Do the Church’s organizations charged with providing resources for leadership and education actually listen closely enough?  The experience of Continue Reading

Way to be Danah! spectacle at Web2.0 Expo @zephoria #wiredchurch #smchurch

This post and the comments that follow are exhibit one in a start at considering/analyzing the possibilities and hazards of backchannel usage during presentations.  I was scrolling down through the comments and after reading them for half an hour,  I saw that the scroll bar had scarcely moved.  I hope Dana feels the support.  I have had her studies and Continue Reading

The Backchannel Book by @cliffatkinson Pay attention Churches! #wiredchurch #smchurch @chrisbrogan

via Chris Brogan this morning,  I became aware of a book that is out there which seems to me to be one of the more important books on Social Networking realities faced by such organizations as churches and church organizations.  The experience of Dana Boyd at Web 2.0 has also brought this importance to the fore,  as she was AMBUSHED Continue Reading

IDEO Labs » twitter #backchannel @gentry #smchurch #wiredchurch

Gentry Underwood with some amazing Twitter-enabling tool to tweet a live pres for the “backchannel” – keeps the content of the pres in the stream – this is extremely relevant for things like #YouVersion.  I can see increasing amounts of backchannel leading completely out of the context of the worship that the app is claiming to enhance.   Makes for important Continue Reading