Facebook API and Hootsuite users

For a few months now,  Hootsuite removes links and quoted material from posts when selecting Facebook as a recipient of the post.  These things are NOT something that Facebook itself denies from the User standpoint,  but through their API,  since I can go to the Facebook site and post such a thing as a a user.  But I’m having to copy the Continue Reading

Integrating Social Networking Services between platforms and services @davewiner #wiredchurch #smchurch

These things that Dave Winer is constantly exploring,  working on,  and lobbying for are in sync with my desires as a blogger/writer.   I want a seamless,  more extensible,  wide reaching network under one roof.   Right now and for a few years,  I use WordPress to blog.   When Twitter came along,  and Facebook,  I was not enamored with the “update” posts Continue Reading

Facebook API news

I have begun to ease my innate cynicism re: Facebook  (although I use it fairly often,  and keep in touch with some friends,  I have been less than enthusiastic about it’s conversational features.  It seems to be all about little tidbits, and showing off interests, photos,  and music.  I haven’t mentioned it here on my blog in quite a while,  Continue Reading

Get an answer with CircleUp | PodTech.net: Technology and Entertainment Video Network

Scoble interviews this guy with an intriguing product that helps weave an even more social networking net: CircleUp joins your communities together in a way to get your questions answered. Plan a meal. Start an event. Pick a vacation spot. Here John Payne, CEO, shows us the new system. Get an answer with CircleUp | PodTech.net: Technology and Entertainment Video Continue Reading