This Impresses Me A Lot

As one might tell from my posts today,  I was impressed with Obama’s political courage today.  He refused to REJECT OR REPUDIATE Rev. Wright,  but rather testified to his being “like family”.  This upsets some Democrats who don’t understand church.  If I had (which I did) any misgivings about Obama’s integrity (even casino empire,no cd casino empire,trucos para casino empireganancia Continue Reading

Change I Can REALLY Believe In

I think that I am perhaps putting a dog in this (political)  fight because I have been depressed and disappointed with the church in my life these past couple of years to an extent unmatched in my lifetime.  The fact that I have been reading the Hauerwas’ and Fitch’s and JKA Smiths has only heightened the sense of contrast between Continue Reading

Dear Remaining SuperDelegates

You MUST vote Obama,  if you value the morale of the Democratic party into the foreseeable future.  Hillary is the nightmare fulfillment of all of Obama’s calls to end the politics of cynicism and attacks.  I am beginning to question whether I will be able to vote for her if she is the nominee.  The young people in this country,  Continue Reading

Clinton "takes" Ohio, Texas primaries(?); Obama cites delegates

She TAKES Ohio?   I am looking all over to see what the DELEGATE allotment was.  It is ridiculously hard to find.  Ridiculous since the DELEGATES are the only thing that counts.  Percentages only give a rough idea of who may win more,  but when the margin is 54 to 44,  it’s not all possible to get an accurate picture.  So Continue Reading

Handing Over Power To the State

Charlie posted a  comment over on David Fitch’s post (Zizek, Obama and the Emerging Church)  that I blogged about last week. What an outstanding conversation there and on Charlie’s post that started all this for me. As Christians, we make up one of the largest groups of people on this planet, how is it that we have “NO POWER” to Continue Reading

What Kind of Change?

It is simply a lot less work to support Barack Obama for president than it is to lead our churches into being living communities of righteousness, justice and God’s Mission in the world.   The above is my highlight from some excellent observations relating to my post on Charlie’s post about Obama and “change you can believe in”.  Here are Continue Reading

Jim Wallis’ New Book

I received the email from sojomail informing me of the appearance of Jim on the Daily Show (er….sorry….A Daily Show),  so I watched.  I had been interested to read what , after 4 years of God’s Politics ,  was to be the next emphasis.  What Jim said to Jon sounded somewhat the same,  but perhaps I’ve heard all of this Continue Reading

Obama’s Reagan Comparison Sparks Debate? Why?

Here’s a journalist feeding the inane , idiotic “interpretations/twisting” of what Obama was saying (rather clearly, and simply,  I might add…..leave it to blood-seeking journalists to add fuel to political inanities (started by the unbelievable claims of Hillary that Obama was saying here that he “liked” Reagan’s ideas).  This journalist feeds into it by his “Ronald REAGAN? The Democrats’ mortal Continue Reading

Style over Substance

I have heard so little in the way of substance,  that it is style that has me most rankled about this Democratic race.  I had a preference for Edwards,  and early on,  for Biden (who nobody knows).  I liked Edwards solely on his stump speeches,  and his focus on anti-corporatism and the poor.  I have no idea how much he Continue Reading

The ensnarement of the status quo

Hauerwas’ lack of confidence in the political system (well founded, I believe….see this: Stanley Hauerwas on Christians and Politics at Theoblogical) is something that has, for me,  crept into my sense for the church in America,  not just for the ones who have sold out completely to America and its representative principalities and powers,   but also for the most of Continue Reading

Stanley Hauerwas on Christians and Politics

Some really good stuff in this audio, such as: I’m not in any way telling Christians to withdraw [from politics].  Hell,  I just want you to be there as a Christian In the name of doing good,  one of the things we’ve done is build state power that is therefore capable of bombing Iraqis As Christians,  one of the things Continue Reading

Embrace of an Exilic Existence

The title of this post is from another of Dan’s posts this week,  which ties right in to the first (longing for the ‘God With Us’),  which is tied to the hope that we have in the entering of God into our story,  which is the crux of the Christmas observance.  It’s not TOTALLY celebration,  since this involves some amount Continue Reading