Hillary Campaign Running on Fumes

And they act like it,  since they are drugged up on their “whopping” Pennsylvania victory,  which was yet another “huge win” that will prove to be way too little,  even WAYER too late,  for there are not enough states left to net her to within even 100 delegates of Obama.  Sorry Hil-ROD.  You smell what BARACK is cookin’? (stole that Continue Reading

Clinton "takes" Ohio, Texas primaries(?); Obama cites delegates

She TAKES Ohio?   I am looking all over to see what the DELEGATE allotment was.  It is ridiculously hard to find.  Ridiculous since the DELEGATES are the only thing that counts.  Percentages only give a rough idea of who may win more,  but when the margin is 54 to 44,  it’s not all possible to get an accurate picture.  So Continue Reading