Style over Substance

I have heard so little in the way of substance,  that it is style that has me most rankled about this Democratic race.  I had a preference for Edwards,  and early on,  for Biden (who nobody knows).  I liked Edwards solely on his stump speeches,  and his focus on anti-corporatism and the poor.  I have no idea how much he could/would get done on that score,  but I like it that these are  major themes for him.  I prefer Obama over Hillary because of Hillary’s “experience”,  which is that of an establishment , centrist, pro-corporate Democrat.  I trust her very very little,  and now ,  because of style,  even less.

I have few illusions about how much difference it will make to nominate one or the other.  I tend to fear the energy that would be aroused by Hillary being the Dem nominee.  I think that would only energize the right wing Republicans.  I would ,  like a friend of mine,  prefer McCain over Hillary,  except that I’m afraid of what Bush era leadership would be retained in any Republican administration,  not to mention that I want this present crop of Republicans thoroughly defeated and made to bear the burden of having brought shame and ruin on the Republican party.   They need to be forced to deal with the culture of corruption they allowed to grow and take hold, and also to face the consequences of their militarism and support of the rich. 

I am not convinced at all that Democrats pose much of a threat to this culture of corporate dominance and militarism,  but they do have a shot at reigning some of this in so that there is a better chance at getting things moving in another direction. 

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