Dear Remaining SuperDelegates

You MUST vote Obama,  if you value the morale of the Democratic party into the foreseeable future.  Hillary is the nightmare fulfillment of all of Obama’s calls to end the politics of cynicism and attacks.  I am beginning to question whether I will be able to vote for her if she is the nominee.  The young people in this country,  even among Hispanics,  who support Hillary in large numbers,  are Obama supporters.  If Hillary wins,  the young will abandon politics again,  and the Republican slime machine and corruption and war mongering will continue.  Hillary will also energize the right wing conservative base and jeopardize the taking back of the White House. 

You simply cannot sanely imagine that Obama losing to Hillary will be anything but catastrophically bad for the morale of the young people,  and a large section of people sick and tired of”politics as usual”.  Hillary has nothing but talk about how she will actually achieve change and not just talk about it,  as she implies Obama is doing.  But her actions and disgusting campaign needs to be given a resounding NO.  (Maybe even a F*** Off).  If Dems nominate Hillary,  I am done.  I have hardly any positives about American politics as it is. Obama represents  for many an opportunity.  Don’t pass that up. Come out for Obama NOW and blow this lady off the map.

Let me remind everybody of this clip where Bill Clinton told us something back when he was his own politician and Kerry was getting blasted by the SAME FEAR slime machine that Hillary is now employing :

I am quickly becoming more of an anti-Hillary person than I am an Obama hoper. I support Obama because of his support among the youth, his eloquence as a speaker (someone I can be proud of in contrast to the absolute inept buffoon we’ve had the past 7+ years), and his experience ON THE GROUND working with people “in the streets”. Hillary’s foreign policy experience is having tea and cookies with foreign leaders wives,  and she seems about as “sheltered” as they come.  She is truly an “establishment” candidate,  a “blow wherever the wind blows” style (ie Iraq vote).

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  1. Theoblogical Post author

    I just don’t think that the “excitement” of the idea of a woman president is bigger in the grand scheme of things than the energizing of a young generation, not to mention that having an African American president is also at least equal to the having of a Woman president. The hope thing, as Robert Reich says in his post that I quote from in my post that I made immediately after this one (so just “above” this one on the list of posts onthe Home Page or on the March 2008 archives) is my main concern. Also, Hillary is really living up to the role of representative of the kind of negative, divisive, fear-mongering politics against which Obama is running. If she gets selected, then the life will go out of movement that has been finding reason to expect something better. And that will be a big loss.
    Thanks for commenting, Earl.


  2. Earl

    Hillary is a lightening rod sure to bring Conservatives out to the polls. On the other hand, Obama is an accomplished speaker but possesses little experience. Regardless of who the SD vote for, supporters of the opponent will be very much disappointed. If Obama is not selected, many young people will be disenchanted and likely drop out of the political process. If Obama is selected, there are many women who are going to be just as upset. It is going to be a very difficult thing for supporters of either candidate to just swing over and vote for the opponent. It does not appear that either Hillary or Obama can swallow accepting the role of VP. The DNC is facing a real problem.

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