Occupy Boston &the Christian Left via TheBostonOccupier HT @zoecarnate #OWS

It’s a bit frustrating to see that we’re talking about “sympathetic churches” (neccessary because of the Right wing church whose bullhorn is so loud that many other more moderate churches also absorb the “anti-protest”, status-quo defending posture of the America-loving Christian) rather than asking where the churches have been all along as this economic tipping of the scales has been Continue Reading

‘Occupy church’ next? World Net Daily shows its Nationalist Theology NOT #occupytheology but #occupiedtheology

Thought I’d include this item,  from the Fundamentalist World Net Daily,  as an example of the Low rung of the church response I blogged about earlier. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=368841 I especially like this: Wallis reportedly is a spiritual adviser to Obama and has known the president for years. That just seals it doesn’t it?  Any association with Obama,  and God forbid,  a Continue Reading

a micropolitics of subversion?

I’d ditto this for Jim Wallis and his latest 3 or 4 books Very simply, if “the kingdom of God” cannot be separated from “the King,” this places a renewed emphasis on the local church as being the instrument of a new politics, the politics of justice, righteousness and social renewal. It is indeed these people, called out ahead of Continue Reading

Jim Wallis on Barak Obama

Earlier  today,  prior to Obama’s speech,  and anticipating what turned out to be an amazing speech, Jim Wallis posted an article. I may not “buy in” to the deepest “meaning” and “change you can believe in” type slogans,  but I also like this guy,  and I do think he represents the most articulate and sophisticated, nuanced understanding of religion, race,  Continue Reading

Jim Wallis’ New Book

I received the email from sojomail informing me of the appearance of Jim on the Daily Show (er….sorry….A Daily Show),  so I watched.  I had been interested to read what , after 4 years of God’s Politics ,  was to be the next emphasis.  What Jim said to Jon sounded somewhat the same,  but perhaps I’ve heard all of this Continue Reading