Clinton "takes" Ohio, Texas primaries(?); Obama cites delegates

She TAKES Ohio?   I am looking all over to see what the DELEGATE allotment was.  It is ridiculously hard to find.  Ridiculous since the DELEGATES are the only thing that counts.  Percentages only give a rough idea of who may win more,  but when the margin is 54 to 44,  it’s not all possible to get an accurate picture.  So these leading lines tell me only that Obama didn’t clean up. It’s not even clear yet WHETHER she even won Texas (delegates, people,  delegates!)!  The media will talk about this ,  almost as a sidebar,  then they jump right back into the popular vote measures for “winning” and “taking”,  which effectively skews everybody into this simplistic “race” for the “win”.

With 97 percent of precincts reporting in Ohio, Clinton had 54 percent of the vote compared to 44 percent for Sen. Barack Obama. CNN made the projection based on those results and exit polling data.

The race was closer in Texas where, with 97 percent of precincts in, Clinton had 51 percent to Obama’s 48 percent.

And a complicated formula in Texas that weighs delegates more heavily in highly populated areas and includes a caucus that was still being tallied early Wednesday morning meant that the delegate count there remained unclear.

Regardless, the two wins were crucial for Clinton, whose campaign would have been hard-put to continue if Obama won big on Tuesday.

Clinton takes Ohio, Texas primaries; Obama cites delegates –

OK,  finally found it, buried underneath all this garbage of “claimed” and “momentum”.  Excluding Texas,  she gained 22. There was ONE discussion that was interesting in the five hours of time I wasted last night watching on MSNBC:  That this talk of “momentum” is meaningless,  and that it is simply a reflection of moving from state to state and seeing the differences reflected.  Hillary was always strong in Ohio and Texas,  and her DELEGATE LEAD dwindled as Obama became known,  and then all this negative garbage was ,  infuriatingly,  apparently effective.  People are SO STUPID!

Does anybody really NOT REALIZE that Hillary is infinitely more “beatable” than Obama by McCain (ie by the “Republican voters”).  Does anybody doubt that she will “mobilize” the Republican voters to come out and beat her?  All the polls say as much.  I hope the supers are recognizing this. This is my main concern.  To get the Republicans (ie this generation of them who have been so thoroughly brainwashed and corrupted by the neocon, manipulative, cynical, blindingly greedy crew that have been in power for the past 8 years.  The gap between rich and poor has ballooned,  the middle class have had their share of the corporate profits slashed,   and the percentage of people in poverty has skyrocketed.  And there is the evil of war that these bastards wear like a badge of honor.  And Hillary was swayed like the wind,  and has taken to using their fear tactics.  She has become one of the “them”.  She is a compromiser that will not be able or willing to do the things that will get to work on undoing the damage that the imposters have done.  She hasn’t got the political independence to push through anything tough or sacrificial.  And she represents the biggest danger of the Democrats losing AGAIN,  after all this. 


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