The Gospel-Driven Church: A Rant: Rob Bell and An Evangel-less Evangelicalism

Tell em’ Jared Wilson.  I am getting increasingly disgusted with the “religionless” , generic definitions of theological categories (and evangel IS a theological category) that seek to align with the mainstream rather than that which more of ten than not CHALLENGES that mainstream.    Bell’s printed definition is this:  I embrace the term evangelical, if by that we mean a Continue Reading

Change I Can REALLY Believe In

I think that I am perhaps putting a dog in this (political)  fight because I have been depressed and disappointed with the church in my life these past couple of years to an extent unmatched in my lifetime.  The fact that I have been reading the Hauerwas’ and Fitch’s and JKA Smiths has only heightened the sense of contrast between Continue Reading

I know, I’m WAY too INTO this

My last post shows how I am ,  in light of my previous posts in praise of the conversations about Obama’s “Change you can believe in” and Charlie Pardue’s post and David Fitch’s post and the comments,  WAY too interested in all this Obama vs Hillary stuff. But I can’t help LIKING Obama and NOT wanting Hillary to remain viable.  Continue Reading

‘Believing’ in Barack

I mentioned this post of Charlie’s earlier this week.  I think this post raises something that is certainly (or should be) an issue with American Christians. His values overlap with my own more than any other major candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. I really hope that Barack is elected president. But I won’t be voting for him. I won’t Continue Reading