Last Best Hope?

This country is still the last best hope on earth—Barack Obama on Letterman in 2007. Things like this provide me with the distance I need from the mania of the impressive campaign of Barack Obama,  and the “excitement” he has injected into the American political process.  I’m impressed with his speeches,  and I find myself feeling that this is what Continue Reading

What Kind of Change?

It is simply a lot less work to support Barack Obama for president than it is to lead our churches into being living communities of righteousness, justice and God’s Mission in the world.   The above is my highlight from some excellent observations relating to my post on Charlie’s post about Obama and “change you can believe in”.  Here are Continue Reading

‘Believing’ in Barack

I mentioned this post of Charlie’s earlier this week.  I think this post raises something that is certainly (or should be) an issue with American Christians. His values overlap with my own more than any other major candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. I really hope that Barack is elected president. But I won’t be voting for him. I won’t Continue Reading