Style over Substance

I have heard so little in the way of substance,  that it is style that has me most rankled about this Democratic race.  I had a preference for Edwards,  and early on,  for Biden (who nobody knows).  I liked Edwards solely on his stump speeches,  and his focus on anti-corporatism and the poor.  I have no idea how much he Continue Reading

Executive Chefs for Corporate Feeding Frenzy

One of the best descriptions I’ve heard for the functioning of governments such as this Bush-and-Co. version (which I often refer to as "money launderers"), is given here by Naomi Klein in a conversation with John Cusack: So the scandal isn’t Blackwater or Halliburton or Exxon; it’s the vision of politics we have been living with since Reagan that holds Continue Reading

Computer Scientists Form ‘Network Neutrality Squad’ –

A commenter on the article from the previous post about NetNeutrailty squads gives me another example of the rush to "Trust the market" kind of thinking.  When we fail to recognize what this commenter refers to as the "occasional" failures (these types of defenses of "free market" already reveal their tendency to rush to the defense of "hands off" at Continue Reading