The Call to #ChurchSocial…..does it work?

I have taken to hashtagging my tweets having to do with the Church and Social Media with #churchsocial.  While this may conjure up images of Ice Cream Socials or the Lady’s Tea Guild,  or even the Church lady,  I was aiming for a quick identifiable tag to mark off a “room” for tweets about or of interest to people in Continue Reading

#ChurchSocial- the beginnings of a mission statement

I blogged on Tuesday about how Church related Social Networking should be somewhat distinct from Social Networking in general.  I feel I need to clarify that a bit.  The article I linked to in that post was from an a group called fellowship technologies.  They specialize in helping churches.  I responded to the content on the page to which I Continue Reading

Church of the Saviour and “Survival”

Kayla,  who is on staff of The Church of the Saviour, posted this comment to a post at Get Interesting discussion. I am Gordon Cosby’s “associate” for want of a better word, and I’ll continue to serve as The Church of the Saviour’s central staff person. Just to clarify, our church (which has been composed of 9 independent faith Continue Reading

Dependent Upon The Community that can teach me how to be in community

Hauerwas in this podcast (The Craft): “Only by creating expectations in you,  do I have any hope of living faithfully” This is the thought that keeps me going when I am tempted to say to myself “You have no right to criticize the church when you are unwilling to jump in and ‘endure it’ “.  Ideally,  I want to keep Continue Reading

Embrace of an Exilic Existence

The title of this post is from another of Dan’s posts this week,  which ties right in to the first (longing for the ‘God With Us’),  which is tied to the hope that we have in the entering of God into our story,  which is the crux of the Christmas observance.  It’s not TOTALLY celebration,  since this involves some amount Continue Reading