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I have ,  ever since porting my blog over to WordPress,  been playing with the subsequent versions of Movable Type.  Version 4.1 seems to have fixed a lot of things,  but I cannot figure out how to get my archive links fixed.  The system knows all of the correct links internally for the sidebars and permalinks and archive or index pages,  but the posts which link to to other internal posts all still have the “OLD” version archive link (this format:  For the sake of my external links (like from my present WordPress blog,  which has all those links to old MT posts,  I want to change back to the old style. I keep finding things about going and changing the link format under some preference,  but I have searched in vain to find the place in MT4 where this can be done.  

(Update: found the place at mt.cgi?__mode=view&_type=template&id=284&blog_id=1,  but amusure of what the format should be to replace yyyy/mm/entry-basename.html. the url above to 00476.html is changed in my present set up to /archives/2006/03/the-struggle.html )


Anybody help?

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