Rolling Archives Only For Whole Blog

I was noticing the ajaxian rolling archive action and the scrollbar, and admiring it and planning on looking into how it works so I can re-use it, and I noticed it doesn’t work if you click on a category sidebar link and then click "older". It loses the category filter and reverts back to the whole blog rolling archive.

I am googling this problem. I expect I need to find a special category archive page that also uses the rolling archives functions. It would have to continue to pass a cat=xx parameter so that the previous page would be the page of posts from the same original recordset, instead of passing in the whole blog dataset.

If anybody reading is a PHP/Wordpress geek of sorts and have any ideas on this, I’d be highly appreciative.

(Update:  I did notice that tags are handled in the rolling archives.  Does this mean that WordPress is forsaking the Category in favor of tags?  They aren’t quite the same thing, are they?  I did a Convert Categories to Tags thing in the WP admin,  but it REMOVES the category,  which I’m not sure I like. There are several articles out there on the subject)

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