Photo Test

type some text….no,  this is still not right!   Ahhhhhhhhh!   Live Writer,  when will you get this right?  In WYSIWYG mode,  I ought to be seeing this text immediately to the right of the image,  since I have marked the image with align left.  It shows up correctly in the browser when I view it after publishing,  but isn’t “WYSIWYG” mode Continue Reading

New Social Bookmarking Applied: ShareThis

Found an alternative to AddThis.  It’s : Share This This plugin will allow your visitors to share your content via social bookmarking sites and/or e-mailing the post to a friend. This supports the Share Icon project. You can see it in action on my blog. Download | README | SVN Repository Latest Release: Version 1.4, 2007-01-25. Plugged it in to Continue Reading

Zizek and Evangelicals in America: A Proposal, by David Fitch

Some really interesting and intriguing thoughts from David Fitch For Zizek, cultural symbolic orders exist to advocate certain purposes and legitimizations for being. They are in one sense ideologies. These meaning systems "mask the Real of" an absence which no one wants to face up to (Sublime Object p. 45). For instance, the U.S. "shock and awe" bombing and invasion Continue Reading

WordPress 2.3 and Windows Live Writer Beta 3

Article that tells how to get new WordPress tag support working in WLW b3. Seems to work (notice the Tag list below this post). Now I’m going to become a tagging monster. I also upgraded my K2 theme to a new version when I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.  Things seem to be working nicely.  I decided to try a three Continue Reading

Movable Type 4 Fails

MT 4 has failed several tests.  This is why I moved off the platform and onto WordPress in the first place. 1. SLOW SLOW SLOW when you have thousands of posts like I do.  The template republishing is the same reason why I moved from Radio Userland. 2. The Dynamic publishing is too difficult for a non-PERL person like me.  Continue Reading

why we are all blogging less…

 I’ve noticed (and even blogged it)  this on a few occasions of late;  not much happening out there;  at least amongst the blogs I frequent.  Or maybe I’m just expecting to be wowed too often;  the pace of advance (you know,  Web 2.0 and stuff)  creates in me a felt need to be always enthused, expectant, charged up. Hugh explains why Continue Reading

Is Blogging Passe’?

I’ve had a sense that something major is up……things seem “crowded” and , no surprise,  really commercialized.  EVERYBODY is doing their own “My Space”,  or trying to , or thinking they should.  Shel Israel,  co-author of Naked Conversations,  blogs about it.  I have no idea whether or not blogging is in decline or not. Nor so I know whether or Continue Reading