Movable Type 4 broken AGAIN!

I haven’t been able to get MT to work since I left it for WordPress 2 years ago.  I’ve been continuing to upgrade and try the installs with all my old posts that I had when I left it.  MT 4.1 started working for a few days,  but now all of a sudden when I try to publish anything…posts, templates,  anything,.  I get an error box that says “An error occurred,  with a red exclamation point,  but no description of the error.  The area next to the red exclamation point is blank.  What the heck?  This is horrible.  I was trying a solution for remapping the post URLs from my old archives/00001.html   to the new archives/post-title-like-this.html.  But when I tried uploading the template,  I got the dumb useless error.

The logs don’t tell me what the error was either. 

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  1. markofvero

    Unfortunately Movable Type’s logging is rather terse by default. But did you try enabling debugging? Add the line:

    DebugMode 15

    To your mt/mt-config.cgi file, then try to reproduce the problem; if it happens again, you should get something at least marginally informative in your server’s error log.

    (More information about Movable Type’s debugging options is available here.)

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